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Be bold for change, women told

Nyaradzo Masvingo branch manager Mudhaya speaks at the event

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MASVINGO – United Nations (UN) Ambassador for Woman Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, Angeline Mikiri last week urged women who gathered at Caravan Park for the belated International Women’s Day commemorations to work hard and claim their economic space.
The event was organised under the 2017 International Women’s Day theme ‘Be Bold for Change’ to help accelerate the fight for gender equality in economic circles.
The event was graced by prominent business women from Masvingo province and representatives of such organisations as Nyaradzo Group, Women of Substance, Girl Child Empowerment Trust, Ministry of Women Affairs and Masvingo Teachers College.
Mikiri said there was no reason why women should lag behind economically when they dominate men numerically.
“Women make up fifty two percent of our population but we are sidelined and we constitute the larger portion of the poorest people because we look down upon ourselves. Let us assume leadership so that we become decision makers because the more we are involved, the more we are heard,” said Mikiri.
Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Dean of Students, Sarafina Mudavanhu said women must never settle for less but should aim for higher than average roles in their careers.
“I am always hurt with what female tertiary students go through. You have to value yourselves and learn to boldly say no. We cannot have security guards and lecturers taking advantage of you because you are lazy. Study and aim high and stop being abused for marks and Chicken Inn. It is unacceptable,” said Mudavanhu.
Girl Child Empowerment Trust director Morenlet Mawire encouraged hard work saying it was better to build a girl child than to repair a broken lady.
“It is never too late to cast our fears aside and stand for what is good for us as women. We must not expect any favours from anyone because we are capable of doing it on our own,” said Mawire.
Respectable poultry farmer and Women of Substance chairperson Sarah Munemo said women must not rely on handouts and token positions but must work for themselves.
“I am one woman who is against quotas and affirmative action because women are not less capable. I want women to be appointed into positions based on merit because I know that women are capable,” said Munemo.
Nyaradzo Group Masvingo branch manager Cecilia Mudhaya was also in attendance.local

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