Saturday, September 18, 2021

Day 8: #Lockdown Picture Gallery

Neshuro growth point, Mwenezi

Bikita district has so far been identified as the worst offending
district in Masvingo province in terms of the non-compliance with the
lockdown due to lax enforcement on the part of police. There was a
bustle of life at Nyika growth point, and a hardware was see doing
business even though hardwares are not defined as providers of
essentials in terms of the lockdown order. Mishika-shika are also
operating, and they have devised a way of avoiding police roadblocks,
and these are playing a huge role in defeating the purpose of the
lockdown. In Zaka, people are selling agricultural produce on the
roadsides, but Jerera growth point was generally quiet. Light industries
in Mutare are now operating at home, behind gated walls. Passengers
were captured alighting an overloaded Zupco bus in Masvingo. Gutu was
generally quiet and council there has been asked to find a way of
allowing a limited number of informal traders to do business so as to
reduce inconveniences for those that need vegetables. Gutu RDC seems to
be the most serious of all rural local authorities in enforcing the

Chivi growth point



Chivi groiwth point

Gomba shopping centre, Runyararo West, Masvingo


Mourners on a lorry in Mutare

Mutare light industry at home

Vendors on a highway in Zaka

Mpandawana, Gutu

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