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G40 on the ropes in Masvingo

Jappy Jaboon
…Jaboon gets the boot     
 …’Masvingo Urban ready for by-election’
…. frightened Ndaarombe pleads for mercy

Itai Muzondo

13 April 2017, MASVINGO – The Generation 40 (G40)’s political fortunes continue to wane in Masvingo as they seen to be doing elsewhere, with the Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) unanimously agreeing to suspend provincial political commissar (PC) Jeppy Jaboon following a Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) report accusing him of gross misconduct.
The PCC meeting, held at the Masvingo showgrounds, also recommended that the party’s national PC Saviour Kasukuwere and Masvingo Urban legislator Daniel Shumba be sacked from the party for disregarding party structures.
Jaboon and Shumba are alleged to be key members of the local arm of G40 and any misfortune on their part is considered a blow to the group’s impetus in the province.
Sensing danger, a hapless provincial youth boss Nobert Ndaarombe, who has long been identified with the Jaboon camp, begged for mercy. It was the same Ndaarombe who, during a G40 meeting at Flamboyant Hotel only three weeks ago, declared that it was now a bare knuckle fight against Team Lacoste.
“We were following those guys because we didn’t know. Now we know that we were being led astray, being led against the party we are working for. We are now rejoining people who are determined to see Zanu PF go far. They (Jaboon and his people) even tried to prevent me from attending this meeting but because I am now enlightened, I am back to get advice from my elders and do the right thing,” Ndaarombe said.
Jaboon’s suspension along with recommendations to sack Kasukuwere and Shumba come as the winds of Zanu PF internal politics continue to blow in Team Lacoste’s favour with Eunice Sandi-Moyo and Sarah Mahoka having been decimated while Kasukuwere fights to save his own skin.
Outlining allegations against the trio during the PCC meeting, provincial secretary for administration Ailes Baloyi, who is believed to be a Team Lacoste disciple, said the decision was guided by reports from the districts.
“Last week we met all districts at Chiefs Hall who complained against Kasukuwere, Shumba and Jaboon among others. Our recommendation to have Kasukuwere sacked comes after realisations of how he disregards party structures and provincial collective decisions in private meetings.
“He also joined hands with Shumba to buy votes ahead of the provincial elections. We are currently informed that Masvingo Urban is ready for a by-election to replace their MP,” Baloyi said.
He also took the time to highlight reasons for Jaboon’s suspension.
“Of Jaboon’s accusations, the biggest is sexual harassment of female youths. The provincial women’s league has also sent a complaint saying he intervenes in their affairs.
“It is also not a secret that Jaboon sabotaged the Mwenezi East by-elections. He is the provincial commissar but he was only seen in the constituency once when Kasukuwere came for a rally. He even snubbed party administrator Ignatius Chombo’s rallly and conducted a parallel programme with Shumba,” said Baloyi.
Jaboon was also accused of authorising the return of suspended party members who are said to have gone to form parallel structures.
The PCC also requested that they hold provincial elections by April 19.topnews

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