Thursday, September 16, 2021

IDBZ praised for Clipsham View Housing Project

Ministers and government officials at the launch of IDBZ Clipsham Views stands

Itai Muzondo

MASVINGO – Government has given the thumbs up to the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) for successfully developing the Clipsham Views residential stands to the best of standards.
In partnership with Gorge Safaris and Gorge Holdings, IDBZ turned 205.7 hectares of land into 702 low density residential stands, 16 commercial stands, 24 institutional and 26 service industry stands with access to all services namely water, sewer and roads.
A government delegation led by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and which included Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere witnessed the handover of the stands to beneficiaries of the project last week.
Speaking at the event, Chinamasa said he was impressed by the development which he said will contribute to the provision of shelter as a basic need in line with the ZimAsset national policy document.
“I am very happy with the work I have seen here because it makes sure that our people have access to decent accommodation. It is a basic need that one should have a roof above his/her head. This initiative supports government policy of delivering affordable housing as provided for in ZimAsset.
“I urge all economic partners in Zimbabwe to collaborate in this way so that success can come our way. This development demonstrates that local authorities, financial institutions, private sector players, contractors and other stakeholders in the housing sector can collaborate and introduce innovative ways of providing housing to our people,” Chinamasa said.
He said government was prepared to give borrowing powers to councils that bring forward a plan to channel 70 percent of the funds for developmental purposes.
“Once your plan shows that, come, I can give you money even tomorrow. I have seen the beauty of having assets rather than money because money can be blown in no time. I believe my dear colleagues from APEX are seeing this as well so that we come to terms and give them stands so that they can develop themselves as well. Money given as infrastructure is definitely money well spent and I am happy APEX is coming on board,” Chinamasa said.
In his own remarks, Kasukuwere hailed the development and said government will allow only stakeholders of the calibre of IDBZ as well as local authorities to develop land.
“Besides concentrating on services like water and electricity, IDBZ should also think of pitching internet cables as we are now living in a technology-driven world. It shouldn’t be an expense for beneficiaries to acquire such facilities in the near future,” Kasukuwere said.
IDBZ chief executive officer (CEO) Thomas Sakhala said the bank was dedicated to contributing to infrastructural development as that was linked to economic growth.
“There is a strong connection between infrastructural development and economic growth. By lowering transactional costs, easing the flow of information, increasing the quantity and accessibility of basic services and integrating markets into the global economy, we enhance productivity and accelerate economic growth.
“Availability of adequate infrastructure is a catalyst and key success factor in the provision of sustainable and affordable housing by both public sector and private sector players, leading to the reduction of the national housing backlog currently sitting at above a million,” Sakala

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