Thursday, August 11, 2022

Masvingo Darts Association raring to go

MPDA Secretary General Vincent Muzenda

Courage Dutiro

Following the Covid-19 induced hibernation of sporting activities for over a year, Masvingo Province Darts Association (MPDA) said they are now ready to roll following the Covid-19 protocols which were set by the National Darts Association of Zimbabwe (NDAZ) and the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).

Speaking to TellZim News, MPDA Secretary General Vincent Muzenda said the province is now ready to resume games when they get the greenlight to use their proposed venues. 

 “As Masvingo we are now ready for the resumption of our league following the stipulated Covid-19 rules and regulations. We expect to start the games as soon as inspection of our venues is done,” said Muzenda.

Currently, the province has seven registered clubs with six suitable venues which are Rujeko dart room, Railton Club, ZRP Zimuto Camp, 4 Brigade Hall, Mutimurefu dart room and Bikita Minerals Hall. 

Muzenda added that clubs who might  not have suitable venues for their home games, will have to choose among the six venues for their home games.

Ndaz president Meynard Moyo said as the mother body, everything which is required from them by the SRC is in place. 

“We have been given the green light to start our trainings. As the national body, we went down to our affiliates so that they give us proof of their compliance and readiness so that we let them start. 

“We want them to write their COVID 19 response strategies and we would prove them after inspecting their venues and if their strategies are in sync with the Government and WHO COVID 19 protocols we will let the begin their respective leagues.

“Each province has to give us their preparedness before we give them the go-ahead to start. As we speak Masvingo is one of the few provinces that have given us their road map and we will be inspecting their venues soon,” said Moyo.

In a memo written by MPDA to Ndaz, the association promised to follow all regulations and that they were ready for venue inspections. 

“Each club must ensure that players adhere to covid-19 playing regulations i.e. ensuring that players properly put on their face masks, sanitize themselves at the entry point, do not hug or shake hands during playing. A maximum of 12 players per club will be allowed at any given time and a record book indicating for name and contact details of every person/player who will be at the venue must be produced. 

“It has also been agreed that venues must be sanitized before every game with club covid-19 focal point person taking a lead in ensuring that this happens. Players will not be allowed to drink in the playing halls as this might allow them to remove their face masks and might not even remember to put them on.

“By way of this memo, we kindly request your high office to come and inspect our venues and our preparedness to resume the game that we love so much,” reads the memo.

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