Friday, September 17, 2021

Mazarire brings 15 free doctors to city clinics

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Upenyu Chaota
Zanu PF Masvingo Urban parliamentary candidate, Taguma Mazarire has hired the services of a medical team of over 15 doctors drawn from different parts of the country to offer free services the city’s three clinics.
The medical team will be offering their services at Rujeko, Mazorodze and Runyararo clinics from June 9 and 10.
The doctors will be led by Dr Masimba Mhangami and will be offering free consultation, free treatment and free cancer screening.
There will also be free antenatal check-ups and ultrasound scan.
Dr Mhangami told TellZim News that his team will be comprised of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and radiographers.
“The community of Masvingo is blessed to have this. People should take advantage of this opportunity to consult doctors free of charge.
“We will be offering our services for two days at the city clinics and we hope we will reach out to as many people as possible during the two days,” said Dr Mhangami.
City of Masvingo mayor, Hubert Fidze said the initiative was most welcome as the country’s health services sector was deplorable.
“Accessing a doctor has now become a privilege for a few people. This initiative will go a long way in making sure that the people of Masvingo gain access to medical care.
“The government should make sure such initiatives are done regularly. We thank Mazarire for his big heart and we hope more people like him come forward,” said Fidze.
Mazarire, whose campaign is hinged on the #MasvingoUrbanWeWant mantra, said he will make sure that everyone will be accorded a chance to access medical care.
“I have always said it is part of our collective responsibility to build the Masvingo urban we want. No man from planet Mars will come and do it for us. We have to pull our resources together to take care of our people.
“Masvingo urban and the province at large need representatives who will go and push for policies that will improve the livelihoods of our people in all spheres of life. I have called for this team of doctors to come and offer free services to our people because I know it is the right for our people to gain access to proper medical care,” said  

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