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MDC Alliance cllrs lament partisan distribution of inputs in Zaka

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ZAKA – MDC Alliance councillors in Zaka district have lamented their exclusion in the distribution of farming inputs under the presidential input scheme saying their roles were being overtaken by Zanu PF chairpersons who were directing the distribution.

Ward 11 councillor Elias Mawoneke confirmed the development and said in his ward Zanu PF chairman Kefas Guyo is acting as the councillor and is responsible for input distribution.

“The councillor plays a civic role and is the one who should compile the names of people who are in need in the ward.

“This will be done outside party lines but the situation on the ground is that Zanu PF has taken over in wards won by the opposition while in wards they won, their councillors do everything,” said Mawoneke.

Peter Imbayarwo, Ward 19 councillor, also expressed concern saying only Zanu PF people are benefiting under the presidential input scheme.

“Many people who voted for the opposition come to us complaining that they are being side lined whenever food aid comes. As a voted official, it would be prudent to let all the development come through me so that all people benefit but that is not the case here,” said Imbayarwo.

“In other wards, our Zanu PF counterparts are responsible for everything but we are not consulted when the distribution is done,” said Imbayarwo.

Zaka District Administrator (DA) Ndeya Nyede rubbished the allegations saying the distribution was done by Agritex Extension workers and the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) workers not councillors and said it was being done partially.

“Councillors are not responsible for distributing inputs, it is the work of Agritex officers together with the GMB staff. Councillors are there to mobilise people only not distributing the inputs.

“We had a problem with other councillors who want to be directly involved and I heard that report in Ward 19. However, I have talked with other councillors even from the opposition and everything is now being done smoothly,” said Nyede.

Out of the 34 wards in the district, MDC alliance has three councillors Imbayarwo, Mawoneke and Lawrence Jengeta of Ward 22.local

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