Saturday, September 18, 2021

Mzembi must be crazy

Kikikikikikiki seka zvako Mapombi of the unknown totem – but no I now have a totem ndava Shumba Murambwi sister to President ED kkkkk mungandidii? But may someone agree with me that not in the so far distant future we are likely to witness clashes between ED and Constantino. It seems the two are just in a marriage of convenience. Yes, it’s a marriage of convenience because we all know what happed on November 15.
Kkkkkk it reminded me of 2008 when Zanu PF coined a certain slogan which goes; 27 June Mugabe muOffice. I bet we are likely going to have another slogan which has to do with November 15; watch the space. But I am still yet to get a convincing answer about what happened in November last year – tingati yaiva coup here iya; kupu yakarehwa naChinotimba or it was just a house arrest which enabled criminals that were surrounding the president to be removed? I’m not suggesting anything here kutongobvunzawo kuti ndinzwisise ndigozoudzawo vamwe.
But again, I wish to meet VP Chiwenga one day I have a burning question inoda mhinduro. I don’t know maybe you can assist me readers – if the army was targeting only criminals around Mugabe why then was Mugabe forced to resign? To me it appears like Mugabe was also part of the criminals thus he was also affected because if he was not and if the army was genuine when it was only targeting criminals around Bob, then we would still have him as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe today. Anyway, I rest my case otherwise ndinorara zvangu ndakanyikwa mumvura ine ice ndikaitwa makafiramberi ini ndagara ndiri Asthmatic kudai.
But it is always better though to say the truth all the time than lie to us that only criminals around Bob were targeted yet we still see many other criminals who are freely roaming our streets and some are still even in government. Were Chombo, Chipanga, Mzembi, Machaya and Udenge the only criminals surrounding Mugabe? Can the ever-obedient son Obert Mpofu (Home Affairs Minister) respond to this question please? Musada kutibata kumeso handitika?
Anyway, let me concentrate on my dear brother Mzembi. Mapombi thinks Mzembi is getting crazy now; I stand to be corrected. Sometimes I doubt the level of education of these former Cdes because zvimwe zvavanotaura zvinokunda ngoma kurira. We all know Mzembi was fired from Zanu PF and subsequently recalled from Parliament but ndopaunonzwa murume mukuru achiti I will remain loyal to President ED and party Zanu PF as a card carrying member. Kkkkkk which party card are you still carrying nhai Mzembi? You were fired from the party and if you still move around carrying that party card it’s an offence. You are no longer a Zanu PF member and please do not move around carrying their party card – go and surrender it back to the party or even kupa Rugeje.
There is no loyalty to talk about at the moment – if you failed to be loyal to ED over the years, what assurance do we have now that you will be loyal to President ED now? We know kutsvaga kuda kudya uku but zvimwe zvacho zvonyadzisa zvoitisa munhu sebenzi sure.  Why do you want to remain loyal to Zanu PF if I may ask? Zanu PF was very clear haichade nhunzvatunzva dzakaita semi but ndopaunoti nharo sikiriri kuti I will be loyal. Kkkkkkk Mapombi used to hear that Mzembi was Mugabe’s blue-eyed boy here in Masvingo but all of a sudden the Cde is pledging unwavering support and loyalty to ED. I think wakainonokera Colgate hazvichabatsire kuda kukwesha mazino nayo iwo apera kuora ese Walter.
You were never loyal to Lacoste and chingatova chishamiso if you become loyal now. Need I say more Mzembi?
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. I know that I said one of my New Year resolutions was to look for decent accommodation but I am afraid I will stay here for a while because I had thought that by now, things would have been better pamwe ndawanawo basa but kwaingova kufarira n’anga neyakandobata mai. ED wacho zviri kutomuremerawo heavy. But I still don’t understand this man – vendors were given 48hr ultimatum to leave the streets but those who externalised millions and billions were given 2 160 hours, which is 3 months, to return the money wotoshaya kuti zvinombofamba sei.  Regai ndizvisiye otherwise I will be accused of being a G40 and Zacc would soon be at my door step. Yes, we have seen it all that anti-corruption team is just after G40 comrades. I think if I’m to make comparisons; G40 was not as ruthless as Lacoste yakazopinda iyi because vaye vaingodzinga vasingasunge manje Lacoste inosunga zvese nekudzinga. They are merciless. If they are genuine we have heard there are ministers who were given tenders to supply graders and they bought snow graders kkkkkkk hatina snow kuno isu we want road graders. And you know what the Minister of Transport Gumbo said? Hanzi let’s forget about that zvakatoitika and we are now in the process of acquiring proper machines. Imagine dai zvakaitiwa nemunhu weG40?
Before I go, Mapombi was really sad for the better part of this week after reading articles suggesting that Mphoko was under probe. Haaa may you just leave that guy alone please. Give Mphoko a break please oti kushungurudzwa nemukadzi anoda such high standards then kusungwa futi haaa nyaraiwo kani. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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