Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Zanu PF too arrogant, too coward

Can someone tell us how the cholera situation in Zimbabwe is? Mapombi is being told the situation is not that good, though our leaders are trying to water it down. Hama dzangu ngatingwarirei hutano hwedu vanhu Havana hanya nesu ava – all along they knew there are serious water crisis in Harare and burst sewer everywhere but they never made their voices heard but now kwava necholera they pretend to care. We know they hardly care – havanei nesu vanhu ava mhani.
Anyway, Mapombi would like to urge fellow Zimbabweans to at least boil their water before drinking or use for domestic chores if the water sources are not safe. It is also important to practice high levels of hygiene – chokwadi mungakundwawo neni Mapombi handisi kukanga maputi these days ndiri kuita ekutenga because the situation at Chitima market is deplorable to say the least. I even suspended bathing from Mucheke River till further notice because ndingangoita cholera kkkkkkk. My vice president Chiwenga will say Korera kkkkkkk.
But Kedha is not feeling well guys; did you see his hands? Apa ari kuita kuzvimba face like; get well soon Kedha handika.
Mapombi is thinking dai Kedha zvaanoita zvekutsamwa zviya and making unreasonable decisions dai aingozviita to some government officials who are corrupt especially ministers wotongonzwa ava kuti all corrupt ministers are fired with immediate effect kkkkkkkk.
Gumbo you are fired for allowing Supa to buy snow graders and twundege twusina mature twuya kkkkk that could be more interesting. Mapombi is very sure Kedha has the potential to be like Magufuli of Tanzania but he only directs his efforts and energy to harmless people. We want all corrupt ministers to go Cde Kedha.
And how is minister SB Moyo doing? I heard he is recovering well kumaAvenues ikoko; get well soon SB; Zanu PF still needs people like you.
By the way, have you noticed that Zanu is full of people who are greedy, arrogant and selfish? The party is full of cowards. All they want is to remain in power and they don’t care about the welfare of the marginalized people.
People are struggling and many are dying because of the harsh economic conditions in the country. Cholera and typhoid are killing innocent souls because Zanu PF has failed to provide the minimum hygienic standards for people living in urban areas since 1980.
They cannot supply clean and safe water in Harare; and they always blame the opposition each time there is cholera outbreak. We witnessed people dying in 2008 soon after elections because of cholera and the same thing is happening this year. As long as ED and comrades are in power they say all is well but the truth is nothing is well in the country.
There is critical cash shortage and forex shortage – in fact hakuna foreign currency to talk about in Zimbabwe. They know ordinary people are facing difficult times; civil servants are struggling to live a decent life but they don’t care.
They know the solution to all these problems is negotiating with the opposition parties – not to form an inclusive government but just kungoonesana kuti zvinhu zvingafambiswa sei for the betterment of the ordinary citizens. Zanu PF should swallow its arrogance and accept reality that not any reasonable person out there will have confidence in them to an extent of coming to invest billions here.
Maybe the Chinese; they have signed mega deals during uncle Bob’s era and they signed multi-million deals with ED asi chakabuda hapana. They pretend to be blind to this new colonization of Africa by the Chinese – it is far much better to be colonized by Britain because at least they develop infrastructure and not these pint-sized conmrades vanongozvarisa vanin’ina nasisi vangu for nothing.
ED should show that he is indeed a leader; leaders do not have egos – in fact they can swallow their egos and do things that benefit the whole nation. It may appear as if ashorwa to reach out to Chamisa but the people of Zimbabwe will respect him for that. We don’t want propaganda dzeDead BC dziye dzekungoti ED reaches out to Chamisa when in actual fact nothing of that sought would have happened.
The situation needs our leaders ED and Chamisa to complement each other. Chamisa might have lost the election or Malaba might have just decided to pronounce ED as winner but we all know that the young man has more than two million supporters who voted for him and the majority of them controlsthe economy, while the majority of ED’s supporters control farms in rural areas.
We want dialogue between the two; and no any other person should be involved even vana Kedha  ngavatinyararire kuti zii zvavo. But like I said Zanu is too arrogant ipapa they think they will improve the economy muchavaona vanenge vachingoita nharo and soon Dead BC will start running stories blaming MDC Alliance for economic collapse – they will start saying sanctions blah blah.
Anyway, let me go ndindotenga zvangu maputi angu for lunch ndizvidyire; nhaka neKorera iyi tinopona here isu. At least im boiling my water to drink though ndichishandisa zvangu moto wemapepa.  Mapombi would like to encourage her brothers and sisters kuti chokwadi ngwarirai tinopera neCholera ivo vachidya nekunwa vachiguta.
They don’t care about us; they only showed a bit of care few months ago when they needed our votes iyezvino chero ukafa havambokendengi ava.
By the way, did anyone hear from Mphoko; mukati Cholera iyoyi hainawo kumuwanikidza? Since he is now unemployed following his unceremonial ouster from the position of VP pamwe zvinhu zvingadaro zvava kumunetsawo veduwe. Plus he is yet to receive his pension ka so hupenyu hwacho pamwe hausi kumufambirawo mushe Mphoko. I just hope he is safe hake. Mboko imboko!. mapombi

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