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Zinwa fails to provide water to Chivi despite downpours

Tariro Matavire

Peter Chawapiwa

01 March 2017, CHIVI – Chivi growth point has for the last month experienced acute water shortages that have forced some residents to fetch water in unprotected wells as failures at the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) become more glaring.
Chivi Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive Officer, Tariro Matavire, said high water levels in Tokwe River had seen Zinwa failing to get to the intake point.
“The sucker at the intake point has been blocked by mud and the level of water denies Zinwa personnel a chance to clean the intake sucker to enable them to pump water to the growth point,” Matavire said.
Residents who spoke to TellZim News complained that neither Zinwa nor council had given any explanation to them despite the severity of the situation.
“They have not bothered to explain the issue for the past one month. There is a lot of open defecation taking place because people cannot use their toilets anymore,” said one resident.
Other residents also said they were now walking long distances to fetch water in neighbouring village wells.
Stallholders at the market next to the main bus terminus said they are no longer getting enough customers because people do not trust fruits and vegetables during water crisis.
Chivi is a perennially dry area which suffers water shortages but has not reaped the rewards of the current wet season in as far as safe drinking water is concerned.local

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