Friday, September 17, 2021

Care, Oxfam rehabilitate dip tanks in Gutu

Peter Chawapiwa

GUTU – Two non-governmental organisations, Care International and Oxfam have embarked on a programme to rehabilitate dip tanks in Gutu district, some of which had degenerated into ramshackle structures.
A veterinary department official said work had already started on some dip tanks in the Chiwara and Nyamandi areas of the district.
“At least three dip tanks have been rehabilitated but more work is yet to be done on other dip tanks. The organisations are assisting with roofing sheets, cement and timber products for the maintenance of the drying pens and other related infrastructure.
“The dip tank at Sote in the Nyamandi area is coming up next and will be rehabilitated with the assistance of the local community like what has been happening elsewhere,” the official said.
Members of dip tank committees and the local communities expressed gratitude for the work being done by the two organisations.
They commended the organisations for coming to their assistance at a time when they cannot maintain their own infrastructure due to the economic hardships that are being experienced across the country.
“We have been experiencing problems ensuring the regular dipping of livestock in the area due to the economic hardships. Unlike in the past, villagers have to folk out their own resources to procure the cattle dip but at times they fail to do that.
“The generous gesture by the two organisations will assist villagers to direct their efforts towards the actual dipping of livestock instead of the maintenance of the infrastructure,” said, Fidelis Mandishaya, a dip tank committee member at Sote.
He added that the maintenance of the dip tanks will go a long way in reducing the prevalence of tick-borne diseases in the

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