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Chaplin High School scores 100% pass rate at ‘A’ level


Chaplin High School

… top performing pupil attains 22



Chaplin High has once again cemented its record as a school of academic excellence,
with a clear 100 percent pass rate in the recently published ‘A’ level results.

top performer in the latest ‘A’ level results attained 22 points in science

to TellZim News during an interview after the release of the results, Chaplin
High head Rosemary Marufu said the school will continue working hard in its
quest for better results.

am proud to be associated with such learners and teachers who have done us
proud. It is because of their hard work that we managed to attain the 100
percent pass rate in most of our subjects.

am also glad that the school is producing remarkable students who have
represented the school well on the world map. We have four pupils who scored
high; 15, 19, 20 and 22 points in Arts, Sciences and Commercials. Previously, we
used to dominate in Arts and Commercials but this time, sciences have joined
the train,” said Marufu.

said despite the Covid-19 pandemic, pupils and their teachers exhibited team
spirit and hard work.

have stayed strong despite the challenges we have faced due to the Covid-19
pandemic. I am proud of both our learners and our teachers for this achievement
in the face of adversity.

could not afford virtual learning platforms for all our learners as the
facilities are too expensive for us and for the parents too. We encouraged
self-reading and consultation among pupils,” said Marufu.

said that in the recently-introduced practical subjects, students also attained
a 100 percent pass rate.

attained 100 percent in practical subjects for which our students sat for the
first time, and these include crop sciences, sport management, technical graphics,
physical education and mass displays.

urge every other class that will sit for their examination starting this year
to follow suit. As Chaplin we are the best and we will continue to do
everything with honour and integrity just in line with our motto,” she

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