Monday, March 27, 2023

Chibi High receives 2nd Secretary’s Merit award

Colleen Chitsa

Chibi High School was recently honored with the 2019 Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Secretary’s Bell merit award for the second time.
The award is given to the school that would have excelled better than others in the province in provision of top notch education, infrastructural development, implementation of government policies as well as good results and Chibi High School was ranked the best in 2019 in the provincial secondary category.
The 2019 award was presented by the MoPSE Permanent Secretary Tumisang Thabela who praised the school for being a model school which others should emulate.
“Chibi High School is a good example of what government expects of a school and this secretary’ award means you are fulfilling government’s strategies and vision in human capital development.
“I observe with grand contentment and satisfaction that the school is striving to achieve excellence by distinguishing itself in the educational realm in providing high quality service delivery and this is why you deserve this award,” said Thabela.
She applauded the school head Raymond Ndega for the hard work, devotion and dedication that he had shown to transform Chibi High School in to an excellent sanctuary of education.
“Mr Ndega joins a number of other heads who we call champion heads because they champion government’s policies as we have seen how he created a child friendly environment, steady pass rate and how he is trying to create job ready leaners.
“When a school succeeds, it is years of work by a leader who is motivated, enthusiastic, wide researcher and is able to lead by example by pulling a team of teachers, partners and parents to work together with the same goal in mind,” she added.
Ndega said he was humbled by the honor and lauded collective efforts from stakeholders who stood by him.
“It is an honor to receive the secretary’s bell award and we as a school are motivated even more to continue raising the school’s flag up high.
“I want to thank all stakeholders for the huge support that you continue to give the school. It takes a great deal of team work to build the name of a school,” he said.
As part of the award package, the school received 40 students’ tablets; teachers’ laptop, a projector and an interactive board while the headmaster received a tablet of his own and a certificate.
To add on to the award, the Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production (ZIMFEP) gifted the school with 100 day old roadrunner chicks and two pigs (male and female) for the school projects.
Edutech Zimbabwe also added to the school award with 35 students’ tablets and 5 WiFi hotspots to be established around the school.
Chibi high won the same award in 2012 and is also a holder of two R.C.Z Moderator’s award for 2014 and 2016.
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the award ceremony could not be held since the time the school was recognized in 2019.

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