Saturday, September 18, 2021

Chief Neshuro arrested over maintenance

                                                 Chief Neshuro
Cephas Shava
Neshuro, born Rodwell Gudo, was last week arrested yet again for failing to pay
maintenance fees to his former wife, TellZim News has learnt.
The traditional leader was convicted and sentenced to two months in prison suspended on condition that he urgently clears the arrears.
Magistrate Honest Musiiwa admonished the chief and said his social standing made it mandatory for him to lead by example.
He said it was regratable that Chief Chitanga continued to be a bad example in front of his subjects.
charge against Gudo is that sometime in March 2018, he was ordered to pay a
monthly maintenance fee of $120 to his ex-wife Rumbidzai Namo for the upkeep of
the three children.
News further heard that for the period extending from June 2018 to February
this year, the chief failed to honour his obligation thereby accumulating
arrears amounting to $695.

Earlier last year, the traditional leader, who resides in Makaranga village, was arraigned in the Mwenezi Magistrates’ Court where he was convicted for defaulting on his maintenance obligations to his ex-wife. The chief had defaulted on paying maintenance to Namo and his arrears had
accumulated to $2400.
He was convicted and
sentenced to six months in prison but the sentence was suspended on condition
that he cleared the arrears.

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