Thursday, September 16, 2021

Chiredzi man sodomises girl, asks to be beaten as punishment

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CHIREDZI – A Chiredzi man who was frightened with the possibility of going to jail, begged the father of a five-year-old girl he was caught sodomising to beat him up as penalty instead of reporting the matter to the police.
The Chiredzi Regional Magistrates Court heard that the father of the victim allegedly caught Dzingai Gwenzi of Plot 72 Zvidozvevanhu, Dhika, Buffalo Range in his (Gwenzi’s) bedroom having anal sex with his daughter.
The court, led by Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu, heard that Gwenzi called the girl, who was in the company of her two little brothers, into his bedroom and ordered the brothers to vacate the room.
He then removed the girl’s pants and had anal sex with her once without the girl’s consent.
The court also heard that Gwenzi was not aware that the father of the girl was cutting bushes in a nearby field and the two little brothers, upset with being separated from their sister, cried out loudly and attracted the attention of their father.
The father then rushed to Gwenzi’s homestead only to find his two kids outside the yard and that was when he asked about the whereabouts of their sister and was told that she was in Gwenzi’s bedroom.
The father then opened Gwenzi’s bedroom only to find him abusing the little girl.
“I was shocked when I saw the state of my little girl, Gwenzi was having sex with my child from the back. He then pleaded with me to beat him and not report the case to the police…I was so hurt and I told him that if I were to beat him, I would kill him so it was better to report the matter,” said the father.
Gwenzi denied abusing the girl saying she was simply playing on his bed when her father arrived.
He was later remanded in custody waiting for his judgement tomorrow (Friday).
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