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Chiredzi to become green belt of Zimbabwe – VP

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Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week described Chiredzi as a potential green belt of Zimbabwe with a capacity to provide food security for the entire country.
Speaking during a tour of the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) Nandi Estate in the district, Mnangagwa said Chiredzi could feed thousands of people through efficient use of its flat lands and full exploitation of its untapped water resources.
“Chiredzi can be a green belt of Masvingo Province or even Zimbabwe because the area is blessed with many flat lands, good weather and many wetlands. There are many unused water bodies which when utilised will turn Chiredzi into the bread basket of Zimbabwe,” said Mnangagwa.
The Vice President toured the Nandi Estate which now has 150 hectares of developed land after Arda entered into a partnership with Mangwa Quip to resuscitate the estate which had been lying derelict for almost five years.
Mnangagwa urged other companies to emulate Mangwa Quip and quickly develop the area.
He praised Mangwa Quip Director Denford Masiya, saying if more farmers and business people with his spirit could be found, Chiredzi would become the bread basket of Zimbabwe.
“Let us have more people like Masiya; look at this estate which has been lying fallow for close to five years being developed in less than one year,” said Mnangagwa.
Mnangagwa said government was determined to develop Chiredzi and Mwenezi through full utilisation of water bodies, saying government will provide the necessary equipment.
“The government is committed to the development of these two districts. The farming equipment which will be provided will be paid for over a specific period,” said

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