Saturday, September 18, 2021

Domestic violence victim raped on way from police station

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Colleen Chitsa


MASVINGO- A man from Mucheke has been arraigned
before the magistrates’ court facing rape charges after he allegedly turned on
a victim of domestic violence whom he had accompanied to the police station to
report her case.

In an application for further remand, Benny Daus (30),
is said to have raped a domestic violence victim once without protection.

The State claimed that on January 25, 2021, the
complainant, who has been beaten by her husband on numerous occasions decided
to go and make a police report.

The complainant wanted to make a police report at a
police base in Runyararo West but did not know the directions.

The complainant is said to have asked for directions
from Daus who volunteered to accompany her to the police base.

On their way back at around 1500 hours, the two
decided to pass through Daus’ place to drink some water which the complainant
had requested.

When they arrived at the residence, Daus is alleged to
have dragged the complainant inside the house and took her one month old baby
whom she was holding and placed him on the floor.

Daus is said to have forcibly removed the
complainant’s undergarments that he tore in the process, and went on to have unprotected
sexual intercourse with the complainant once without her consent.

After the ordeal, the complainant proceeded home where
she alerted her husband and a police report was made leading to the arrest of

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