Saturday, September 18, 2021

DuPont Pioneer launches new maize seeds

Precila Takabvirakare

MPANDAWANA – Hybrid seed producer, DuPont Pioneer’s country agronomist, Jaison Muradzikwa has encouraged farmers to start using the company’s new P2809W and P3506W maize seeds that he said were engineered to producer better yields.
The new seeds replaced P3253W and P2859W varieties that had been used by farmers for a very long time.
Speaking during the launch of the new seed varieties at a field day in Wheatlands, Muradzikwa urged farmers to try the new offer which he said would not disappoint.
He said the new seed varieties were scientifically protected from different kinds of diseases that tend to affect maize crops every cropping season.
“I encourage you to start using these new seeds. We did research countrywide and found that the P3253W and P2859W were vulnerable to many diseases like grey leaf spot and maize streak virus. We then had to design better hybrids that are resistant to all sorts of diseases,” said Muradzikwa.
He said the new seeds were more drought-tolerant, matured earlier and were suitable for wetlands.
Muradzikwa warned farmers against buying fake products and gave several tips on how to differentiate between genuine DuPont Pioneer seeds from fraudulent ones.local

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