Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Fawez relaunches in Masvingo

Rutendo Chirume

MASVINGO – Forum for Women Educationalist in Zimbabwe (FAWEZ) a private voluntary organisation biased towards women in education was re-launched in Masvingo following its disappearance in the province for close to 20 years.
The provincial chapter was launched at a colourful event on October 15, 2021 at Victoria High School and was attended by representatives from all the seven districts among them District Schools Inspectors (DSIs), Inspectors, School heads and teachers.
All District School inspectors who were there pledged support to FAWZEZ saying it represented a noble cause that is worth their support.
The guest of honour at the event, FAWEZ national chairperson Dr Alice Tumbare said the organisation has a role to develop the nation and urged Masvingo Chapter to do sensitization seminars with community leaders against child marriages.
“Let us be visible, leave a mark wherever we touch. We need to engage communities and sensitize them against child marriages and promote gender equality. Let us not betray the trust bestowed on us,” said Tumbare.
National Association of Secondary School Heads (NASH) Provincial Chairperson Dr Edson Muresherwa said his organisation is also behind FAWEZ, which he said is motherly in nature.
“We as NASH and NAPH have the people; education is not done at the district or provincial office but in the classrooms where we are. Therefore, our support is crucial. I liked the organisation because it is motherly in nature and we are confident that it will produce great results,” said Dr Muresherwa.
FAWEZ national member Shylet Makomeke said FAWEZ as a voluntary organisation, will work towards emancipation of women as well as advocate for gender equality in schools.
She went on to say they would advocate for policies that ensure that the girl child is protected in schools, as they are more vulnerable.
“The objectives of FAWEZ are to make sure that there is gender equality between boys and girls especially in schools. We will go on to work with communities, researchers and other Non-Governmental Organisations for the development of the communities.
“As the adage goes, educate a women, educate the nation, we will strive to make it a reality by making sure that the girl child has access to basic needs like sanitary wear among other things to make them comfortable when at school like their male counterparts,” said Makomeke.
She went on to say they would want to carry out researches and find solutions to problems affecting both boys and girls in schools.
“After the release of ZIMSEC examination results, they release percentage pass rates which either show that boys performed better than girls or vice versa and it ends there. We however want to look at the causes and offer solutions to the problems,” she added.
FAWEZ is an affiliate to the continental board Forum for Women Educationists (FAWE) that has 32 member states headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and Zimbabwe is a signatory.
It was once in existence in the province but died a natural death in the early 2000 and the re-launch is an effort to resuscitate the once vibrant organisation.

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