Thursday, August 11, 2022

Government ill-advised on frontline workers vaccination

The recent announcement by Minister Monica Mutsvangwa that all frontline workers who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 vaccinations risk losing Covid-19 insurance allowances is ill advised.

There should be ways to persuade the front line workers to get vaccinated so that they will be able to deal with the pending disaster being posed by the third wave.

The government should have ensured that frontline workers are pro-active than reactive when it comes to the vaccination programmes and other issues of national interest.

The motivation should not come in form of threats or cohesion as that will not promote confidence in the general public.

Throwing threats to the people should be a thing of the past in a modern society and threatening the frontliners means the government is failing to build trust amongst its people and is a clear indication that the whole programme will be forced onto the people.

The vaccination hesitancy has already filled the people and there is need for a swift reaction from the policy makers to find new ways of rebuilding the confidence in the whole programme.

On the other hand, the frontline workers and the general public should weigh the pros and cons of taking the vaccinations since they seem to be the world order.

So far there has not been serious effects that have been noticed after taking the vaccine and the hesitancy was only triggered in rumors circulating on the social media.

The rumors should just be dispelled if the people are to take the vaccination program seriously. People should take a leaf from South Africans who are trickling in the country to get vaccinated while the intended beneficiaries are reluctant.

The government should also educate people on the need to observe the Covid-19 regulations as set by World Health Organisation (WHO). It is difficult to curb the diseases when the people are still being forced to wear masks and observe social distance.

People should be aware of the reason why they are asked to wear masks and as long as they do it out of fear of being arrested then it is difficult to curb its spread.

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