Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Gutu councillor fires social worker for supporting MDC

Memory Rasa
Gutu Ward 21 councillor, Jephas Mutizwa has fired a voluntary social worker for allegedly donating a goat that was slaughtered at a Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) rally held at Dewure Township in February this year.
Silence Motowenyoka, who has been working with the Ministry of Social Welfare as a child care volunteer for about two years, was fired from work a week after the rally was held.
“I was shocked to see Mutizwa at my home telling me to return the phone and the bicycle I received from UNICEF because I was no longer needed by the community. When I asked the reason, he told me that Ward Development Officers were complaining that they were having difficulties working with me. 
“He also accused me of selling out saying I had donated a goat to the MDC-T. I was hurt because I never contributed anything at the rally. I do not own any goats,” said Motowenyoka.
Motowenyoka also said the grudge started when he refused to add Mutizwa’s predecessor and businessman at Dewure Township, Obert Tagutanazvo on the Social Welfare’s list of beneficiaries of maize meal.
“He gave me a number of business people and pensioners to include on the ward’s list of needy people and when I refused, he told me that I was a sell out and would be fired,” added Motowenyoka.
When conducted for comment, Mutizwa denied the allegations saying Motowenyoka was dismissed for failing to cooperate with other community development volunteers. 
“I dismissed him because he was not conducting the food distributions well. The community did not need his services any more. In fact, he used to corruptly put his own name on the list of beneficiaries and he also wanted to be paid for voluntary work,” said Mutizwa.
Social workers fall under the Social Welfare ministry, and not under the rural district council, and it remains unclear if a councillor has any right to dismiss a social worker.
Though no official comment could be obtained from the ministry, an inside source told TellZim News that there was a letter written by the councillor explaining why the child care worker was to be

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