Thursday, September 16, 2021

Gweru council purchases $1.2m equipment

Charles Chikozho

Itai Muzondo

GWERU  – The City of Gweru has confirmed that it is in a process of purchasing earth-moving equipment worthy US$1.2 million in a move hoped will help in the rehabilitation of dilapidated infrastructure around the city.
City of Gweru Mayor Charles Chikozho said the equipment will also be used to service residential stands that will be sold to home seekers.
“We have purchased US$1.2 million worth of earthmoving machinery. We wish to use this equipment to refurbish the city’s dilapidated roads and also service stands so that we will be able to sell land to home seekers. We are happy with the investment as it will be used by other councils to come,” said Chikozho.
The equipment to be imported include a bulldozer, excavator, grader and backhoe.
Asked when the equipment will be delivered, Chikozho said the equipment was due though he explained that the supplier is struggling to acquire foreign currency to use for importation of the equipment.
“The equipment should have been delivered by now. Some of it has already arrived. The supplier has however communicated that he is short of the required foreign currency to import the equipment at once but he promised all will be shipped into the country soon,” Chikozho,topnews

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