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Helen McGhie’s Zengeya calls it a day

Horuno Herbert Zengeya

TellZim Reporter

A massive party was last weekend held in honour of former Helen McGhie Primary School head Horuno Herbert Zengeya who has gone into retirement after 16 years at the helm.
During his time, the government primary school was transformed into one of the most outstanding, cleanest and well reputed schools.
It also became the choicest primary school for many parents in Masvingo with a place at the school for one’s child becoming an increasingly coveted prize.
Zengeya is also credited with putting up modern facilities like state-of-the-art classroom blocks and a soon to be completed palisade perimeter fence to improve security for school children.
His zero tolerance to littering won the school tributes for the cleanest surroundings in the city.
The farewell party was organised through contributions made by parents, local businesses and members of staff.
Masvingo Provincial Education Director (PED), in a speech delivered on his behalf by a representative, praised Zengeya for a sterling performance as school head.
“He has seen Helen McGhie become the academic powerhouse in Masvingo province and Zimbabwe at large. Mr Zengeya raised the school pass rate to above 90 percent since he became Head of Helen McGhie School in 2001,” said Chitiga.
New Helen McGhie school head Sheila Deve praised Zengeya for putting the school on the map through hard work.
“Our school boasts excellent academic results and the facilities are unmatched, thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr. Zengeya. We recognise and honour the hard work and commitment he invested in the school,” Deve said.
School Development Committee (SDC) chair Tinashe Mutema described the occasion as a bittersweet moment.
“Though we are sad to say goodbye to our beloved school headmaster, Mr Zengeya, popularly known as Khule Zex, we are happy that he would finally have some precious time for his family and friends,” said Mutema.
In his speech, Zengeya had words of praise for staff and everybody whom he worked with during his successful tenure as school head.
“They rewarded me with 16 full years free of stress as head of Helen McGhie School. That’s why I never fell ill for a single day for the 16 years I headed Helen McGhie School,” said Zengeya.
The event was attended by many dignitaries including City of Masvingo Mayor Hubert Fidze, Masvingo DSI Ishamel Chigaba, his Chivi counterpart; Tererai, former PED Fadzai Jirivengwa  as well as many school heads and business

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