Monday, August 8, 2022

Hyena mauls three Zaka family members

TellZim Reporter

ZAKA – Three family members from Mapfumo village under Chief Bota area in Zaka are nursing serious injuries after they were attacked by a hyena on Monday (July 18) around 22:00hrs.

Masvingo police confirmed the incident that left one victim without palms and is admitted at Masvingo Provincial Hospital where they were transferred to from St Anthony’s Musiso Mission Hospital.

Circumstances given are that Robert Murove (37) was sleeping when he heard his goats bleating and went on to check.

When he arrived he discovered that a hyena was inside attacking the goats but it ran away when he arrived. He went on to secure the pen before going back home.

On his way the hyena came back and attacked him and he sustained deep cuts on four fingers from both hands, another deep cut on the left cheek and he cried out for help.

His wife Muchanyara Munodya woke up and rushed to the scene but the hyena went on to attack her also and it amputated both her palms and she sustained laceration on the thigh and deep cuts on the lips and nose.

Robert’s father Rwatiwenga Murove (75) heard the two victims’ cries and he took a log and rushed to the scene where he managed to hit the hyena before it turned on him, inflicting a deep cut on his stomach and another on his right arm.

They all cried for help prompting other village to come to their rescue and the trio was rushed to Musiso hospital where they were attended but Robert and his wife were transferred to Masvingo owing to their conditions.

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