Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Inclusion of marginalised communities key to citizen convergence: Chamisa

Melinda Kusemachibi

MASVINGO- Opposition party MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has said he will prioritize inclusion of marginalized communities and special interest groups as the party’s election mood continues to gather pace.
Speaking at a recent press conference in Masvingo, Chamisa said his party’s focus was to break the jinx and be an all-inclusive party with critical attention being given to special interest groups.
“Special groups are very important and we have created a special disability council within the party to drive and monitor the process of inclusion of those who are marginalized. We have done a good part to make sure that we consider everyone and it’s our policy that everyone should not be left behind or excluded,” said Chamisa.
Chamisa also revealed that the party had decided that input from special interest groups were critical in policy formulation and nation rebuilding exercise.
“These people should not be neglected but should be involved in decision making at national level down to local authorities. In the party we have special and marginalized portfolio secretary who is engaging and coordinating the work with all special interest groups,” said Chamisa.
Zimbabwe Disability Advocacy Empowerment Rehabilitation Technology (ZDAERT) International Founder Pastor Cover Mugwadhi noted that they are terribly behind the technological standards
“We are terribly behind especially when it comes to technological standards and as Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), we are not being consulted in developmental issues. It is very difficult and worrisome that we are neglected in the societies that we live in,” said Mugwadhi.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched the country’s national disability policy on June 9, 2021 with support from United Nations (UN).
The policy seeks to address marginalization and discrimination of PWDs and empower them to improve their own livelihoods.

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