Saturday, September 18, 2021

July 31 protests will be a big flop, Mwonzora bets

Douglas Mwonzora

Upenyu Chaota

secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora, has laughed off the planned July 31
protest against the deteriorating economy saying it will be a big flop as no
person in their right mind will waste their time going into the streets, a
strategy which he says has proven to be a failure over the years.

said his party will not be participating in the protests as they have bigger
issues to attend to among them, their congress.

He said
he was willing to bet his last cent that no protest will be done on July 31.

“I can
bet you my last cent that no one will attend the demonstrations. It will be a
huge flop. The MDC-T will not be a part of the protests because we are busy
preparing for our congress.

“On the
day of the protests, is when we are supposed to have our congress. Those who
want to go for the protests they are free to do so because this is a democracy,”
said Mwonzora.

statement comes at a time when the government is accusing the Nelson Chamisa
led MDC Alliance of planning to use violence to topple a constitutionally
elected government despite the fact that the protest was not called for by

the Zanu PF acting national spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa lashed out at
Chamisa and his party of being used by the West to effect regime change.

the conveners of the protests have made it clear that they will be peaceful, Chinamasa
said that they will not watch as lawlessness takes over the streets,
threatening to unleash the full wrath of the law on all those found wanting.

One of
the conveners, Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) leader Jacob Ngarivhume, has since been
arrested and remanded in custody to August 6 on inciting public violence charges.

has been arrested together with journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who has been on
the forefront exposing corruption by President Mnangagwa’s cabinet.

has courted public scorn after he has grown soft towards Zanu PF and fiery
against fellow opposition members.


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