Thursday, September 16, 2021

Mapombi’s Chiwenga Prayer

A lot of people believe that poor people like me were cursed by God. It very unfortunate that people think that we are not loved by God and yet I have strong belief that it is the country which has the problem. At this moment ladies and gentlemen, Zimbabwe needs God more than any other time before. I strongly think that our prayer, I mean my prayer will change one or two things. Look at what is happening in Zimbabwe, zvakuda Jeso… after all it maybe my prayer that will heal the Vice President.

Tsunzunyai ndinamate!

Ndapfugama mabvi nemagokora. Dear Lord, hear our cry, hear my prayer. Before I say a lot of things, I just want to tell you that our Vice President vari pa tight. Although I do not know where he is right now, I believe you can just help him. He got challenges since the 2017 coup pavakaita nhuta but he has visited many countries, vafamba mitunhu mirefu nemasango anoera trying to be healed. He has been to SA, India, Kazakikista… aah some names I can’t even pronounce.

I pray that you just help him now before he visited that false prophet Lukau in South Africa. I don’t want to hear that my leader is doing all sorts of rituals where ever he is. Mubatsirei wo mukuru uyu. But on the other hand ndomboti ngavamboshwirira varume ava my Lord, they also need to feel the pain, people in this country are suffering mhani.

For how long shall we remain cursed?

At first they said it was Tsvangirai causing suffering. Havagumi kureva nhema mazivana enyu iwayo please. After Tsvangirai they acciused Mugabe and they dethroned him. I remember Mnangagwa saying lets us not blame sanctions and work hard. After failing to help the nation they started to accuse kedu Chamisa and the sanctions again. They are now talking about kudira jecha and yet we know it’s these guys who are pouring jecha on us since 1980. I pray kuti kubva nhasi ngakunaye jecha kwavanogara. When they go outside Zimbabwe for holidays and health checks, some of us are stuck in problems. Chiwenga mocked our doctors because he knew that his doctors are outside the country. Deal with these guys accordingly.

You know very well that I do not own a car but at this moment I pray for the government to be considerate and come up with lasting solutions to our problems. Aiwa allow me to ask this question baba, mukati vakuru vedu vose vane five chaidzo? When I look at them I see three zvadzo but it’s you who know kuti makapa Mohadi ngani handingataurisi zvangu. I will not talk about Mutodi and Joram Gumbo, those ones must be taken to Ngomahuru before they cause disaster.

There are a lot things that I would want to tell you. Ndakatotsamwa chaiko hangu. If I continue with my prayer lunch ingatokwana ikadarika.

Svunurai zvenyu ndapedza. Amen

Aaah regai ndikange zvangu maputi for lunch. Mboko imboko.

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