Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Masvingo dams underutilised

Brighton Chiseva

MASVINGO–The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Ezra Chadzamira has said only 10 percent of water from Manyuchi Dam in Mwenezi is being utilised at the irrigation scheme meaning the rest of the water is going to waste.
Chadzamira was speaking at the official opening National Biotechnology Authority’s Mwenezi Amarula processing and value addition plant on Monday (October 25) which was officiated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Chadzamira said there were plans to further develop and expand the Mwenezana Estates to make sure that water from Manyuchi dam is fully utilised.
“Plans are underway to expand the existing Mwenezana Estate to cover the resettled areas as only 10 per cent of water from Manyuchi dam is being utilised,” said Chadzamira.
He went on to say they were going to develop 35000ha for irrigation in Mwenezi that will get water from Manyuchi dam and said a total of 70 000ha was going to be put under irrigation downstream Masvingo’s major dam.
“Development of 70 000ha of irrigation schemes downstream of our major dams is underway. Work has started on the Muzhwi Irrigation, upper Mutirikwi and downstream of Tugwi-Mukosi Dam covering Masangula, Chingwizi, Mutirikwi and Lundi Section,” said Chadzamira
Chadzamira dispelled what he said misinformation of people being displaced by irrigation development downstream.
“Misinformation alleging people to be displaced by irrigation development particularly downstream of Tugwi Mukosi was addressed with communities in ward 16 of Chiredzi expressing gratitude towards beneficiation from the proposed irrigation infrastructure,” he said.
Chadzamira went on to say 25 000ha irrigation development downstream Tugwi Mukosi dam, 2000ha in Buffalo Range, Muzhwi Mushandike Canal for 3000 households from Chivi and Masvingo sides of the canal.
On upper Mtirikwi dam he said the irrigation will be covering an area between Mutimurefu Prisons and Bikita Minerals.
In Chiredzi he said 823ha will be put under Chilonga Irrigation Extension 1 project, 2000ha on extention 2, 6000ha on extention3 while 6900ha will be put to community irrigation and grazing and 8000ha Bangala Irrigation for communal schemes.
Dams like Muzhwi, Mutirikwi, Bangala, and Manjirenji are not benefiting the community in terms of irrigation as no irrigation is drawing water from them.
The Bangala irrigation schme in Mushaya area of Zaka has been on cards for more than four years now but nothing has materialised even after a visit by then Deputy Minister of Agriculture Davies Marapira in 2016.
Chadzamira has been on record saying Masvingo will be the bread basket of the country if all irrigation plans that are underway become a reality.

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