Thursday, August 11, 2022

Masvingo waits for next mayor

Elections have come and gone. All is now set for the installation of councillors and selection of the city mayor. The people in Masvingo are desperately waiting for the mayor and the deputy. A lot of names have been put forward but it seems no one is certain until the new mayor is appointed. Although is crystal clear that the new mayor is likely to come from MDC-T because the have 60 percent of the seats, there could be surprises as Zanu PF is tirelessly working to get the most influential post in the council.
MDC-T has already whipped its councillors in line and forced them to choose an external candidate to be the next mayor. In that case, former Masvingo mayor Alderman Fermias Chakabuda stands a better chance to be re-appointed to become the mayor while councillor elect Hubert Fidze is going to be his deputy. Party provincial chairperson Wilstuff Sitimere and former Masvingo district chairperson Charirwe are also eying the post. However, close sources have since informed this publication that all councillors were forced to vote for Chakabuda. If councillors are told to vote for candidates among themselves, Fidze stand a better chance to become the mayor and Babylon Beta would become his deputy.
Too early to rule out Zanu PF
Considering the calibre of MDC councillors, it is too early to rule out Zanu PF candidate. Zanu PF has two strong candidates who are also eying the post. Ward 1 councillor Gacia Mundondo and ward 10′s Lovemore Mufamba are lobbying to be also voted for the top post. Mufamba is very agressive and has the capacity to win two votes from some ‘weak’ MDC councillors. It only needs Mufamba and Mundondo to agree so that one of them withdraw his candidature in order for Zanu PF to stand a high chance to land the top post or that of the deputy mayor. Mundondo is however, not likely to land the top post as he is considered a clown. Despite being a Reverend, Pastor Mundondo is taken for a clown and that can cost him dearly.

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