Thursday, September 16, 2021

Matemadanda be warned

So this Mangudya guy is printing more bond notes so that Zanu PF can have money to sponsor its campaign activities? What is really happening in this country? Can someone tell me kuti zviri kumbofamba seiko nhai veduwe. I saw a lot of teachers with new bond notes claiming that they got them from banks.
Mapombi once told you that we cannot trust this system even Mugabe is not part of it anymore. Chakabaya chikatyokera so shiri ine muririro wayo haiuregere – remember what Gono did during his time as RBZ governor – from BACCOSI to the so-called agricultural mechanization programme. And now we are seeing new bond notes in the streets wotoshaya kuti irikubva kupi mari iyoyi.
Our civil servants and pensioners were sleeping in bank queues vasingaiwane mari iyeyi but now because we are three days before an elections mari yava kuwanika. I am sure people are not cowards anymore.
The wait is over! A new government is indeed coming sak nyika yava kuchizodirwa shuga zvino. Mapombi is always a gentleman zvekuvanza ini handizvigone ndinofira zvangu kureva chokwadi – #EDHasNoMyVote. Handimuvhotere inini hangu because I don’t see the difference between him and Mugabe. The Zanu PF system is still the same chakangobva ndiUncle Bob chete but the rest remains the same.
I am in this mess because of Zanu PF so I will never vote for that party; at least I voted for Mugabe in 1980 but iyezvino nadha ndaramba.
Kana mweida kuguta vhoterai ndodha yamakajaira yechidiki iyi – makura imi hamude kuudzirwa.
Mapombi was baffled by reports doing the rounds that Matemadanda claimed that kana Chamisa akahwina todzokera kuhondo hehehehehe seka zvako Mapombi of the unknown totem.
Let me tell you something Cde Matemadanda; some of us are peace loving citizens but please don’t stretch our patience too far.  Try it this time and you will live to regret the rest of your life, ndotokupikira namai vangu kudai.
Our leaders are not being stupid when they call for peaceful elections, so who are you Matemadanda wo zvake kuda kutyisidzira vanhu kuti mukavhotera Chamisa toenda kuhondo. Unopenga, unopenga!
Isu vana Mapombi hondo hatiitye zvachose kana uchida unotanga nekuuya kumusika wechiChitima tive makara asionane. Handivhundutsirwe nevanhu vaihwanda mumapako vodzoka voti takarwa hondo ini.
We want peace and we will not tolerate Matemadanda’s nonsense. I am calling you to order Matemadanda –  behave or else I will force you to behave. Dai Chamisa wacho akahwina timbooona kuti pfuti yacho unotomboziva kuti inobatiwa sei here. Ukwane haunyare wakaita seiko mudhara iwe?  We don’t want violence.
Mapombi is predicting that Chamisa will lead the new government; of course we may go for a run-off but the young man will trounce ED chete. My prayer is that ZEC haina kubatwa nemweya waRegiyoni when they printed the presidential ballot paper because ndipo patingakuvarira ipapo.
What I know is ED will not stand a chance when the election is free and fair. The young boy from Gutu will win.  But the calmness ine Zanu PF makes me suspicious – ukaona bofu richiti ndokurova ziva kuti pane charakatsika chete.
Whether they have rigged already, this time hazvibude. Let us go out in our numbers and vote. There is power in numbers and this is the time for the youths to speak out kuti hatichada hatichachatya.
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, please make sure that on Monday wamukira kundobata mutsetse at your nearest polling station and be the first to cast your vote. Please carry with you either your national ID or valid passport so that you can vote.
To the youths; elections come once after five years so don’t waste this chance to decide your future – don’t let someone decide for you. You may no longer be a youth the next time elections are held after these. Also it is very important to know munhu ari kuita kuti ushaye basa, ari kuita kuti ushaye mari yefees, ari kuita kuti utadze kuwana mari yekuti uroore kana kuroorwawo. Ziva munhu akakupa nhamo and deal with that person peacefully on Monday when you cast your vote.
Violence is not the solution to our problems but your vote will surely settle things. Only fools like mudhara uyu wekuGokwe would think violence is the solution. Manje hatichatya!
Is uncle Bob back in the country? He should come back because we want his vote; his plus yaDr Amai umwe anenge atorohwa 2-0 ipapo kkkkkkkkkk. Unopenga! Unopenga! Unopenga kkkkkkk Dr Amai futi mahwani.
And where is Mphoko? I have read stories by our detractors suggesting that Mphoko is looting cash at all Choppies branches what what – don’t mind them, they are crazy. People are jealousy so one should not be fazed by such claims. Don’t forget to go and vote Cde Mphoko; the young man is counting on your vote.
After being treated so badly and being denied some of your pension benefits, there is no way you can vote for Lacoste mdala wethu; it’s time to teach them a good lesson. Mapombi is sure that people like Prof Moyo are already packing their bags and ready to come back home after elections because nyika inenge yadirwa sugar nemfana wechidiki. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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