Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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MDC splits in Mwenezi

                                         Alfred Chihwakwa-Sithole

parallel provincial structures emerge

Cephas Shava

serious brawl is going on within the local structures of the Nelson Chamisa-led
MDC, with two factions that both claim to be the legitimately-elected Mwenezi
district executive emerging.
the apex of the conflict are those in the outgoing district executive; district
chairperson Timitia Dziva and his deputy Alfred Chihwakwa-Sithole.
both contested for the district’s chairperson post during last months’
shambolic district congress and are now at each other’s throats as each
emphatically claims to be the new chairperson.
contacted for comment, Dziva, who is provincial chairperson James Gumbi’s
blue-eyed boy in the district, insisted he was the legitimate district leader.
people can say whatever they want but I am the one who was elected district chairperson.
Those who ran the district congress are there to testify that I won. All the
district elections are complete and we are now preparing for the national
congress,” said Dziva.
the other hand, Chihwakwa-Sithole, who was reportedly backing the Tongai Matutu
camp during the provincial congress held at Masvingo Sports Club on April 16, also
claimed legitimacy as district leader.
can confirm that there are disagreements over the post of district chairperson but
honestly speaking, I am the one who was elected to lead. I won resoundingly and
I am the one who is currently in-charge,” said Chihwakwa-Sithole.
dispute between Dziva and Chihwakwa-Sithole has cascaded down to their supporters,
with the party’s WhatsApp groups being turned into strategic battlegrounds.
influential MDC members told TellZim News that in the event that the national
leadership failed to swiftly resolve the row, which they described as one of
the worst in the history of the district, the party will pay dearly in the next
national elections.
is understood that two venues – Sarahuru growth point and Chingwizi – were used
during the district congress.
members were first informed that the event was to be held at Sarahuru but new
communications directing people to Chingwizi were later made as the Dziva and
Chihwakwa-Sithole camps tussled for influence.
two camps ended up conducting two congresses one presided over by the Dziva
camp at Chingwizi and the other one ran by the Chihwakwa-Sithole faction at
News reported last week that disgruntled party members angered by the disqualification
of Tongai Matutu as candidate at the provincial congress and the subsequent win
by Gumbi over Simon Mupindu were plotting to run parallel structures in the

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