Thursday, September 23, 2021
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MDC-T wake up, please

Mapombi is baffled. Vanhu vava kunyanya kutsvaga mari zvinotobhowa.  We are having a big problem with these people who want to get rich overnight because they are starting dubious organisations to swindle unsuspecting innocent Zimbabweans.
Mapombi has since realised that even media houses are being swindled by these organisations like the so-called Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) which claims to do research on readership and listenership of all media in Zimbabwe.
Kkkkkkkkk imi veduwe ngwarirai kupedzwa mari mahara. Where on earth have you ever heard that one should pay in order to be included in the research? Isu pataidzidza kare we knew kuti researches are done for free; if there is anyone who pays for the research or should meet the costs involved, it is the institution doing the research.
It is surprising that this ZAMPS claims that it does researches on readership and listenership of all media in Zimbabwe but only media houses who pay membership appear on the results or findings of the survey – isn’t this dubious? What kind of research is this? Kuti kana usiri member whether newspaper rako or radio station inotererwa zvakadii you are not included?
This ZAMPS thing is a total joke I must say; no sensible person would take whatever findings by this organisation seriously because they are subjective.  No wonder why The Zimbabwean, which folded in 2015, was included in the 2017 survey and was given a one percent readership rate kkkkkk, kupi iro rakavharwa? Where is this one percent readership coming from when the newspaper folded in 2015? Hamuonewo kuti munozvimakisa nekuda mari kwenyu?
Anyway, Mapombi mentioned this because there are some media organisations who are celebrating claiming to be the most read basing on such dubious survey results. The fact that The Zimbabwean closed shop two years but still appears on ZAMPS’ 2017 report shows that the whole thing is fake.  Also why should media organisations pay membership fees so that they can be included on the report? We know of credible institutions that do research for free not izvi zvotoonesewa izvi.
Mapombi hope that those media organisations that are celebrating the discredited ZAMPS report kuti vasafarire n’anga neinondobata mai – the organisation is only trying to justify mari yavanotora yemembership otherwise the report is nothing but a big joke.  Kana mukavaona muvaudze kuti The Zimbabwean newspaper hasisiko varibvise palist next time kkkkkkk.
No wonder Mapombi’s bosses decided not to be part of this ZAMPS thing because there is nothing authentic but kungotsvagawo mari; mind you zvinhu zviri kunetsa muZimbabwe. It is very unfortunate for some organisations who celebrate such mediocrity – kutozvirova matundundu hanzi tava kuseri when in actual fact hapana kuseri kuripo on the ground.  It’s not a secret that I, Mapombi Adonha, command a huge readership and I don’t need ZAMPS to come and tell me that. My avid readers often tell me through the feedback platform so to hell with ZAMPS.
Sorry to divert a bit comrades, Mapombi only wanted to set the record straight so that you don’t believe certain dubious researches by money mongers. Many of you are learned and we all know how researches are conducted not kuti unotobhadhara so that you can be part of the findings (results). Hahahaha ndochiokomuhomwe ka ichocho.
Anyway, Mapombi heard that ZEC has commenced the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) and the exercise will end on January 15 next year. I have seen a number of Zanu PF officials running around urging their members to go and register to vote but I am yet to see opposition parties doing the same or probably they are doing it at a snail pace.
Very sad for MDC-T; Mapombi heard that its leader Morgan Tsvangirai is not feeling well and was rushed to South Africa for treatment. This seemed to have caused a lot of confusion in MDC-T but Mapombi would like to urge the officials to quickly focus on mobilising citizens to go and register to vote.
Izvo zvekuzongoti takabigwa maelection kana madyiwa hatidi kana kuzombozvinzwa hedu because who would you expect to vote for you if you do not mobilise people to register to vote now? Zanu PF is busy running around and busing people to vote while opposition parties are busy fighting over positions in the grand coalition.
MDC-T must wake up, please. This is the time to mobilise citizens to go and register to vote. This is the time to win election and whatever political parties do now will determine the election outcome. Kana mukarara henyu musazochema kuti Zanu PF inobirira.
Mapombi heard MDC-T top officials are, instead of mobilising the youth to register to vote, busy strategically positioning themselves so that they can take over from Tsvangirai. Haa-a vakomana ko ndiyaniko akati kurwara kufa?  Tsvangirai is only not feeling well but hazvireve kuti ava kutofa. Stop scrambling for his position and concentrate on mobilising people to register to vote. Stop it! I said stop it!
Kkkkk stop it yabva yandifungisa Dr Amai. Kkkkkk mai vakaoma ivava vakandiudzira Mnangagwa chokwadi chinondirwadza mhani – hanzi zvawakasiira mukadzi wako constituency waitiwa vice president nababa (President Mugabe) ndiani akambotaura kuti maita nepotism? But zviri kuitika muZanu PF so these days mahwani.
But Mnangagwa is selfish cdes; he doesn’t care about other cdes being sacrificed because they support him. It’s difficult to trust a selfish person like this with running the affairs of this country. Tose tinoperana kukangosara iye nemhuri yake shuwa. Mugabe better because he takes good care of the zezurus. E-eh mazezuru ari kudya rifa rayo nyika takatarisa.
Anyway, it is almost lunch time guys let me go ndindozvikangira zvangu chibage change chinyararire ndizvidyire.  Before I go, I heard ice cream yeGushungo Dairy haichanyanyotengwa after those rumours by Team Lacoste that it contains poison. Mapombi is very sure pachadzingwa vanhu chete because we cannot tolerate that. Ndoinonzi indiscipline ka iyi Chadzamira, Matuke newe Mangwana. Mapombi is very sure vamwe vari kuenda because of this issue chete. Suspension for at least for two years will be enough for those found guilty so that munodzoka mumusangano after election.
By the way, how is Mphoko doing? The Cde is too quiet these days I’m sure paanodzoka anouya nerib cracking comedy. Watch the space. Mboko imboko! mapombi

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