Saturday, September 18, 2021

Mwenezi Cllr finally admits adulterous affair, agrees to pay

                                                           Murabharari (in scarf)

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – Re-elected
Zanu PF Ward 7 councillor, Killion Murabharari who in September was convicted
by Chief Neshuro’s traditional court for having an adulterous affair with a married
woman, has finally agreed to pay damages after initially resisting.
was convicted of the offence though he had denied the charges, and had vowed to
appeal the judgement at a higher court.
traditional court had ordered him to pay a fine of four cattle or alternatively
$250 for each beast for having an adulterous affair with Peter Shereni’s wife.
councillor had, however, been non-committal, claiming he was preparing to
launch an appeal.
has since made a sudden turn and has agreed to pay the fine after learning that
Shereni was planning to approach the civil court to enforce the judgement.
repeated efforts to get a comment from Murabharari were unsuccessful as his
mobile phone was not reachable, Chief Neshuro’s secretary and principal advisor
Pinias Shoko confirmed the new developments.
was overwhelming evidence against Murabharari though he had denied everything.
He has now came back to pay the fine as ordered by the chief. As I speak, he
has already paid part of the fine in the form of money and has promised to
bring more soon,” said Shoko.
was in September this year dragged to Chief Neshuro’s court after Shereni, who
works in South Africa, acquired concrete evidence that the councillor was
having a sexual affair with his wife while he was away.
the traditional court, Shereni’s wife confessed engaging is a series of sexual
escapades with Murabharari at his homestead.

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