Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Ngwena watchout!

Kkkkkk mukati muchinda anonzi Kudzai Chipanga ndikwaye imi? Mapombi wondered and is still wondering how can President Robert Mugabe be equated to an angel? I am trying to figure out which heaven will that be where Mugabe will be seated next to the Almighty Lord choosing the righteous vachipinda denga.
Mapombi is convinced Chipanga anga anwa musombodhiya when he said this nonsense in Marondera. Or, due to lack of education and wisdom, he ended up likening Mugabe to an angel nekuda kwekugumirwa nezvekutaura. E-eh komadofo hamuzive kuti anogumirwa chero neOne plus One chaiyo kkkkkkk.
Chipanga should be reminded that heaven is not like Zimbabwe where Mugabe can do anything while members in Zanu PF cheer him. If Zimbabwe is the heaven Chipanga was talking about then he was very right because Mugabe has the power to do anything from nepotism to creating a Mugabe dynasty. Anything!
Mapombi has since realised that Chipanga is not so educated and he should be pardoned for not knowing the difference between Zimbabwe and heaven. His knowledge and understanding begins and ends with Zanu PF – he does not know anything outside Zanu PF bootlicking politics. But don’t forget mukasekerera benzi parufu rinotiza nechitunha makatarisa. 
We have known quite a number of comrades who were experts in bootlicking but iyezvino vari kupi? Kkkk bvunzai vana Webster Shamu of the ‘Mugabe is Cremora’ kuti zvakamira sei muZanu PF. Anyway, what else can one expect from Chipanga.  Dzungu hakusi kungwara veduwe.
Let Mapombi not waste time talking about useless people like Chipanga when there are more critical issues to attend to.
As a loving and caring sister, I have tried several times to warn Emmerson Mnangagwa kuti ukaita zvekutamba chigaro hauchilume icho.
Mapombi heard the Gushungo 40 (G40) faction has decided to divert attention from Saviour Kasukuwere by introducing Dr Sydney Sekeramai into the succession matrix.  Kasukuwere is no longer any issue these days and all the attention is now on Sekeramayi. Even your state controlled media is trying to attack Professor Jonathan Moyo for correctly pointing out that Sekeramayi has better chances of succeeding Mugabe.
Prof Moyo only made an announcement and he should not be punished for that because zvakatogarirwa dare izvi and the truth is the Zezurus are now ready to announce Sekeramayi as Mugabe successor – Ngwena iripo yakatarisa kudai.
I often laugh when I hear people say Ngwena has the backing of security service chiefs kkkkkkkk vakomana ngatisanyeperana. He has the backing of few individuals and kana chachaya chaiko sezvazvava kuda kuita izvi anosara pachena.
As I see it, the Zezurus will never allow a Karanga to lead this nation and Mapombi, like I once said, Sekeramayi is considered a dark horse in the race to succeed Mugabe but iyezvino atozouya zvine power.
I laughed kusvika ndanzwa mapapu when I read an article in The Sunday Mail saying ‘Back off, Sekeramayi tells Professor Moyo’ kkkkkkkkk if the defence minister is not really interested then he could have said a lot more than a one sentence he is quoted in the story.  The truth, to come out soon, is that Mugabe has now decided to introduce the successor in the name of Sekeramayi and sorojena vanotochida chinhu ichi manje.
My dear brother Ngwena, can you listen and listen very carefully; Mapombi is sensing danger here and the 2004 disappointment may repeat itself here. Don’t you dare forget that you lost the vice presidency to Joice Mujuru in 2004 despite being endorsed by eight out of 10 provinces and had to wait for 10 good years to make a comeback.
I can safely tell you guys that Ngwena is slowly but surely losing the game now unless he does something. Sekeramayi, by virtue of being a Zezuru or him coming from the Zezuruland, stands a better chance compared to Mnangagwa, a Karanga.
The problem with Mnangagwa is that he disappointed a lot of Cdes since 2004; quite a number were sacrificed since the Tsholotsho declaration in 2004 to the recent purge yana Chris Mutsvangwa iyi. These people were expecting Ngwena to take action but to no avail, and as a result, they are losing patience and they want him to join them in the terraces as well.
As long as Ngwena remains quiet and continues to watch Team Lacoste being sacrificed for his sake, then Sekeramayi will soon be anointed Mugabe successor musingade muchida.  And to be honest, he is more appealing than the Croc.
Ngwena, it’s time to confront Mugabe and say mudhara makura chindipaiwo chitanda. Period! Hapachada mbwende apa. Be aggressive and confront him. Mapombi wishes General Solomon Mujuru was still alive ndiye anga ane zvivindi hake not these cowards.  If you cannot face him just play him song yaTuku yekuti ‘Bvuma wachembera’ then wotobvunza kuti mudhara song munoinzwa sei iyi and you start conversation from there kkkkkkk.
Anyway, it’s up to Mnangagwa to remain quite or take action now. Hapana chakaipa kutaurirana chokwadi kuti mudhara nyika mazoivondonga iyi yava mamvemve chimbondipaiwo chindatanda ndiedze kugadzirisa zvinhu. Face to face.
By the way, I heard Mugabe left the country again this week for UN what what kkkkkk kunobviwa neiko bamboo vangu. Anyway, enjoy the trips and allowances Cdes.
It’s almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. Ivo vanodya zvikafu zvakanaka ini ndichidya maputi every day but still ndiri kungorarama. But before I go, I heard Mphoko dzakaita imwe new one futi kkkkkkkk blazo uyu haa-a mahwani chaiwo. Mapombi heard he went with his Grade Three grandchild on a government trip. Kkkkk kutoti muzukuru imborega kuenda kuchikoro umbokwira ndege. Imwe abuse of government resources inozonyanya. Dai akaitiwa iye President blazo uyu chokwadi taichiona, aiuya kuno kwaDr Grace Mugabe Trading Centre kuzotsvaga Mapombi chokwadi. Imagine a whole acting president stooping so low zvekuenda kundopopota kucamp yemapurisa. Hahaha hakuna leadership yakadai. Never! Mboko imboko!mapombi

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