Saturday, September 18, 2021

No water for Gweru beyond eight months

Tinaani Nyabereka

city’s main water source is left with supplies that would not last residents
beyond October if people do not revise their usage habits and if no rains are
received during the period, it has been learnt.
Speaking at an engagement meeting on Wednesday, Gweru
City Council director of engineering, Robson Manase said $90 million was needed
for the refurbishment of the city’s water systems.
“Our dams are not big enough. Gwenhoro Dam has water
that can only supply water to our residents for the coming eight months. More
water sources have to be established and new pumps have to be installed to
replace the ancient ones,” said Manase.
Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRAA), in partnership with Community Solutions
Zimbabwe (CSZ) said they were encouraging people to use water sparingly.
president Seliphiwe Cornelia said it was critical for residents to adopt
water-saving routines.
residents, we have come up with ideas we think will help council to save our
limited water resources. We can live with less water but not without water
hence our call for all residents to do better,” said Cornelia.
said the residents’ rights organisation acknowledged the challenge at hand and
was working on a position paper for submission to council.
are now working on a paper containing all ideas that have been raised in this
meeting for submission to council,” he said.

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  1. its time council takes up Private Public Partnerships for the capital investments needed. you also have to improve your revenue collection mechanisms if u want to extricate yourseves from this situation. also Pray for the rains

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