Monday, September 20, 2021

NRZ losing thousands litres of diesel to Rutenga syndicate

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Cephas Shava

syndicate comprising Rutenga-based illegal fuel dealers and some goods train
drivers is involved in organised theft whereby large quantities of diesel is
drained from goods trains and later on sold on the black market, TellZim News
has learnt.
say the syndicate, which also includes dishonest police officers, has profited
immensely at the expense of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ).
is said the theft involves several goods train drivers travelling from Mozambique
and South Africa stopping some kilometres before Rutenga Station where they drain
diesel for sale to illegal fuel dealers.
incidents are occurring in the dead of the night. The illegal fuel dealers
would always be communicating with goods train drivers and they have a place
deep in the bush where they strike their deals. Dealers drive into the forest
in pick-up trucks and lorries loaded with empty drums which are then filled
with diesel,” said a source.
illegal fuel dealer said the deal now involved some police officers who are
conspiring with train drivers to drain the fuel.
find that most of the diesel we sell on the black market is too dark, being
that we get from the trains. When the police conduct raids on us, they always
find nothing at our selling points because we work with some of them and they
alert us,” said an illegal fuel dealer.
News heard that a recent raid involving the police’s Criminal Investigation
Department (CID) and military intelligence yielded nothing as the syndicate
already knew about it well in advance.
illegal fuel trade is also rampant among cross-border truck drivers coming from
South Africa as well as among earth-moving equipment drivers working on the
Rutenga – Sarahuru Road.

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