Thursday, November 30, 2023

NUST Architecture student pens book

Tanyaradzwa Tizora

Cleopatra Shamiso Mutetwa, a 22-year-old who was born and bred in Masvingo and is currently studying Architecture at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) recently launched a motivational book called “Incubate Your Hope”.
“Incubate Your Hope”, is a book that unravels the concept of taking one’s hope and placing it in an environment where it has the opportunity to grow and fully develop.
Mutetwa says she was inspired to write this book by the day to day situations that individuals come across in society and also by a sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts, an American based preacher, she follows on social media mainly YouTube.
“I was inspired to write the book because of the situations I saw in the society that people referred to as hopeless .What pushed me further to write this piece is a sermon I listened to on YouTube by Sarah Jakes Roberts which was on starving fears ,”said Mutetwa.
The young writer believes that if everyone awakens their hope ,it can create a ripple effect and eventually the whole nation becomes hopeful and focused on achieving positive goals.
“The book is a letter of encouragement to someone who could be broken, tired, frustrated or about to quit .I believe that if we all awaken our hopes, it can create a ripple effect and affect the next person until eventually the whole nation is hopeful and focused on achieving positive goals .The development of our nation all comes down to every one of us and we all need the right attitude and mindset to grow it, ” siad Mutetwa.
When asked how her writing relates to the architectural degree that she is studying in University, Mutetwa emphasized that architecture is a creative and artistic course that opens up one’s mind.
“Architecture is a creative and artistic course that opens up one’s mind, but I have always loved to write so I would say it’s an independent passion of mine that I have explored outside of the degree I’m studying at University,” she said
The young writer says she aspires to write more books in different genres so as to impact people’s lives positively.
“I aspire to write more books and the goal is for them to impact people’s lives positively. I look forward to explore other genres of writing.”
Copies of the book are now available. People can get them by calling +263 78100556 or getting in touch with her on social media handles; Facebook :Cleopatra Mutetwa, Instagram :keeks_patra and

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