Wednesday, February 8, 2023

RCZ schools shine in 2022 ‘A’ level exams

…all schools register over 90% pass rate

Beverly Bizeki

A force to reckon with, the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) has proved beyond reasonable doubt that they do not only preach the word of God but also have a mandate to develop the country through offering quality education in their schools dotted around Masvingo Province and the nation at large.
A home of excellence whatever the case may be, RCZ run schools have shown once again that they live to their billing, that of excellence after posting extra ordinary results in the 2022 ‘A’ level ZIMSEC exams.
RCZ Education Secretary Dr Witmos Julius Mutumburanzou has expressed much joy on the exceedingly good results attained by schools run by the church.
“Once again they have put us on the map; the results are exceedingly good because all our schools have registered over 90 percent pass rate with the lowest recording 92 percent which is remarkable,” said an overjoyed Mutumburanzou.
Mutumburanzou added that the authority was pleased with both the qualitative and quantitative results delivered by the schools.
Basing on the quantitative results some of the schools like Chibi High registered 100 percent pass rate.
“From a glance we really are very proud of the performance of our schools; we are schools of choice, we really deliver,” said Dr Mutumburanzou.
On the qualitative aspect, the schools boast of huge numbers of pupils with 15 points and above with academic and sporting powerhouse Pamushana High School registering 103 students with 15 points and above.
“This is a record for us. We are a pride of the nation, a pride for the province and a pride of the church. I want to appreciate all our heads for the great work despite operating in different circumstances. Our teachers have shown a huge commitment despite challenges of Covid 19 which disrupted learning and also a low morale in the teaching fraternity.
“They have proved that they are resilient and have shown a dedication to their calling,” he said.
Other High Schools run by RCZ include Gutu, Zimuto, Morgenster, Jichidza, Henry Murray, Makumbe, Alheit, and Nyashanu High Schools.

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