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Robber cries for help after victim grabs privates

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – A machete wielding robber who had launched a reign of terror on Rutenga residents through violently seizing valuable assets and groceries at night escaped death by a whisker after one of his victims grabbed his privates causing him to wail for help leading to his arrest.
This was heard during the trial of Edmore Ngwenya (23) who was convicted on three counts of robbery after he pleaded guilty to all the offences.
For all the counts, magistrate Honest Musiiwa sentenced Ngwenya to 30 months imprisonment of which 6 months were conditionally suspended, leaving him to serve an effective 24 months jail sentence.
The court heard that between the periods June 5 to 15, 2018, during the night, Ngwenya ambushed and robbed three different complainants on separate occasions. He took valuable properties, cash and groceries by threatening his victims with a machete. However his nefarious acts came to a halt when he robbed his third victim.
It was heard that during the late hours of June 15, Ngwenya met his third victim, Ella Mutero, soon after she had dismissed at her work place at Pedzisai shop where she is a shopkeeper.
Upon meeting Mutero at Rutenga Flyover, along the Masvingo-Beitbridge road, Ngwenya produced a machete and ordered Mutero to surrender her cell phone, cash and some groceries she was carrying.
Mutero complied and was then ordered to move to a nearby bush area with Ngwenya following from behind. After walking a few steps towards the bush, the courageous Mutero swiftly make a U-turn, grabbed Ngwenya’s waist belt and then tightly gripped his testicles, causing Ngwenya to fell on the ground with Mutero firmly grabbing his private parts.
The court further heard that, due to agony Ngwenya began to wildly wail, while the unmoved Mutero still clutching and shouting for help. This forced people to rush to the scene leading to the apprehension of Ngwenya.    
 According to State papers the value of the stolen property from the three complainants amounted to US$300. Some of the stolen property including cell phones and cash was recovered. 
Angelinah Makonya appeared for the State.crime

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