Saturday, September 25, 2021
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School heads fume at minister

Professor Paul Mavima

…say new curriculum exposes girl child to sexual abuse

Upenyu Chaota

MASVINGO – School heads have expressed concern with the new curriculum which they say exposes the girl child to abuse in the name of carrying out tasks.
Presenting their grievances to the minister of education Professor Paul Mavima at a symposium held at Civic Centre, school heads represented by Masvingo Christian College head Edison Muresherwa said the new curriculum was alright but there were some grey areas which needed serious review.
“We understand the concept of tasks was borrowed from universities. At university level, you find that students do about 36 modules and they only do one research.
“The same should apply to our pupils whom we feel need to do one task to avoid the situation whereby they loiter around town during learning hours,” said Muresherwa.
He said the safety of the children particularly the girl child is not guaranteed when they visit various offices exposing them to various forms of abuses.
“At my school, I have erected a security wall to keep all my pupils inside and safe but because we have to send them out on a regular basis to do various tasks, they are now vulnerable.
“We have heard of situations where our girls are told to return after working hours so that they can be assisted. Innocently our girls would go but what if something bad happens? Who will shoulder the blame?
“We need this area to be reviewed because the tasks are taking most time for our pupils,” said Muresherwa.
Prof Mavima however said the education system of Zimbabwe was of late more on the theoretical side hence producing people who were not compatible with the practical world.
“You are not the first to raise the issue of tasks. Our education system was too theoretical. We want to create people who are innovative and can fit into the practical world. This can only be possible if we start at an early age.
“We cannot abandon tasks. We can always find a way to deal with the security of our children. No policy is perfect hence we need to continue to make adjustments until everyone is happy,” said Prof news

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