Monday, September 20, 2021

Lacoste Chiredzi not yet done with G40

Kalisto Gwanetsa

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI – Though President Emmerson Mnangagwa has preached unity and urged his supporters to shun retribution, bitter Zanu PF members who suffered victimisation at the hands of G40 before Operation Restore Legacy still want to revenge.
The bitterest of these people include Ailes Baloyi, Jevas Masosota and Ronald Ndava and they want to get rid of Members of Parliament (MPs) Kalisto Gwanetsa (Chiredzi South), Darlington Chiwa (Chiredzi West) and Denford Masiya (Chiredzi East).
Baloyi, Masosota and Ndava were severely victimised and later ‘expelled’ when Dr Paul Chimedza, Chiwa and Amasa Nhenjana took full control of the province weeks before the military operation.
They are now reportedly holding private meetings to map a strategy that will lead to the expulsion of the three from the party.
Baloyi, who is the Zanu PF provincial vice chairperson and Chiredzi South aspiring MP, told TellZim News in a telephone interview that the party must effectively rid itself of members of the defeated G40 cabal.
“We should never associate with these people who pushed for our expulsion from the party.  If it wasn’t for the ZDF, we could be talking something else now. Their actions should never go unchallenged,” said Baloyi.
Ndava, who is the provincial secretary for information, also expressed the same sentiments saying justice should prevail.
 “A few months ago, those people who are complaining now were dismissing the so-called Team Lacoste and we never complained. Now that the tables have turned, they are now complaining, why?” said Ndava.
However, Gwanetsa said he had no time to quarrel with people who want him expelled from the party.
“I don’t have time to quarrel with people. Why does he want me expelled while my term of office is almost over? What does he fear? Let the people decide their fate,” said Gwanetsa, referring to Baloyi.
Last week, Zanu PF national political commissar Rtd Lt Gen Engelbert Rugeje said the party may forgive but will not forget, warning that those who have been forgiven for their G40 links must not go around boasting that they were untouchable.politics

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