Monday, August 8, 2022

So Hungwe is resigning?

Kkkkkk but Mangwana mukati dzakanyoti kwesere imi? This guy really never seizes to amaze Mapombi; honestly a whole learned person not knowing our courts are always closed on public holidays? Is he really a lawyer by the way?  Anyway, Mapombi will not doubt his qualifications, at least for now tongoti maybe he was overwhelmed by the burning desire to impress ED; ko vari kutsvaga basa ka comrade we all know that he is trying to resurrect his political career after being side-lined by uncle Bob’s administration for far too long.
Mapombi is always a gentleman handivanze ini; Mangwana is not as intelligent as he masquerades to be; kutorasika iko kuya kwakanditaridza zvakawanda. Now I understand why Zanu accused him of giving in to MDC demands during the constitution-making process gore riya. I am sure he was outmatched by Mwonzora ini. Trying to file opposing papers on Heroes’ Day?  Kkkkkkkk this is nothing but a sign of desperation regardless of whatever argument one may want to come up with. You cannot spin this one all you Zanu PF spin doctors!
Kkkkkkk but I understand Mangwana very much; the type of car he drives these days yeah, he should impress vakuru so that vanomutsvagira imwe. He tried Chivi Central twice achingoshagadwa naGwanongodza. They tried but in vein to label Gwanongodza a G40 but vanhu vekuChivi Central vakati muG40 ari nani pana Mangwana. The guy is unelectable!
Anyway, wish you all the best vaMangwana, may Zanu PF reward you for the hard work you are doing. Tiri kuzviona kushanda nepublic holiday when others were busy celebrating the lives of our gallant sons and daughters who fought for the liberation of this country.
By the way, what are the latest developments? I had some heads of state who had been invited for the inauguration vanga vatova muroad only to be told kuti zvavhariswa naChamisa kkkkkkkk. But usadaro vanhu vakuru mupfana Chamisa iwe. Let them have another five-year term vatonge tione kuti zvinodii. Tsvangirai said they can rig elections but they cannot rig the economy.
They forced Mugabe out saying there was no development that had taken place in the country for the past five years so we want to see what kind of development they will bring in the next five years. I can safely tell you that Uncle Bob was far much better because he was a dictator manje iyezvino takasunga dhongi nemombe pamwechete; the ox is pulling fast but the donkey is dragging its feet zvinotobhohwa. Kkkkkkk munoita zvekutamba naKedha kahi imi; mukaita zvekutamba he can command the army to shoot innocent civilians.
These days I am not sleeping quite well kwedu kuChitima market uku kutya kuti Kedha anotumira vakomana vakasvikobhomba zvimusasa zvedu zvema plastic in search of Mapombi. Manje ini handikutye Kedha, ndofirakureva ini the way you want to run this country haiite. You need political orientation Cde, with all due respect. Kukundwa naRugeje shuwa.
Kkkkkkk by the way who had the last laugh between Rugeje and Mutsvangwa? Mutsvangwa described Rugeje as a political novice after losing the Norton primary elections to little-known Langton. He later forced himself to be the candidate ndobva aitwei naTemba Mliswa. Zanu PF managed to win two-thirds majority in parliament wotoshaya kuti political novice ndiyani manje akadyiwa kuNorton or the commissar who won the party a parliamentary two-thirds majority.
I will not say much but know that empty vessels do make the loudest noise. Being verbose is one thing while being electable is quite another. The best advice Mapombi would give to Zanu PF is that this is the best time to separate chuff from sorghum. Chuck out deadwood.
Anyway, sekuru Josaya Dunira Hungwe promised that he will resign soon after elections so Mapombi just wants to ask kuti mava papi nhai sekuru neresignation letter? Probably, you are struggling to draft the resignation letter, Mapombi is ready to render her services for free sekuru. But may somebody please tell me kutamba nevazukuru kunorwadza here? Or is it that these comrades think that they know how to run this country better than anyone else zvekuti vanoti tikasiya mabasa aya nyika inofa or they are just selfish like Uncle Bob?
Hungwe was the governor for Masvingo for 17 years but he came back again as Minister of State, why why why Cdes? You mean there is no fresh blood in Zanu PF to bring in fresh ideas? It is not that I hate sekuru Hungwe but I am only saying vana sekuru vese ngavagare kumba vana vacheche vashande. After all, Zimbabwe ndeyedu tese iyi. Find new blood in Zanu PF and give them a chance to lead. We know quite a number who are able. Vafana vana Phainos Makwarimba avo munoti vangaikonewa province iyi here?
It’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu mhandire dzangu ndizvidyire ndakamirira kunzwa kuti matare achati kudii. My personal feeling hangu is that we should go for a re-run and Zec must behave. We want an independent body not an appendage of Zanu PF. We want an election commission which can independently deal with elections without consulting vana Kedha kuti pano apa todii.
Mapombi is optimistic that the judges will do their work nemo nemo. But before I go, we should live in peace. There is no need for us to fight or kill each other because of politics. Elections come and go but we will remain forever as Zimbabweans. Inga tongosangana wani tese maOK tichitenga maputi zvedu vamwe mabva kupolitics dzenyu dzo. Let us exercise tolerance. Our former VP Mphoko always wanted people to forgive each other and forge ahead. I am sure Mphoko still strongly believes in this; even though he was forced out of office akatoregerera vakamutadzira kare. But of course forgiving does not mean voting for ED. Mboko imboko!

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