Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Villagers in Lower Gwelo plead for health facilities, clean water

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru- Villagers in Lower Gwelo ward 8 areas are pleading for health facilities and clean water in the area as they have to walk long distances to access these services.
Speaking during an engagement meeting with Midlands Aids Society Organisation (MASO) on a community advocacy meeting last week, Southern Western Region Gender Network (SWRGN) Programs Officer, Albert Moyo said the only way to develop a community is by way of identifying its challenges first.
“To achieve development, we first need to identify challenges surrounding us then look for possible solutions and ways to address them. This can happen if we advocate more on these problems,” said Moyo.
A resident, Livingstone Moyo said there was need to increase health centres in the area as people were struggling and have to walk long distances to access such facilities.
“As ward 8 residents we appeal to government to prioritize our health as we are struggling to access health care due to distance. Our health care facility is 5km or beyond and for us to travel in cases of emergence is a challenge, as we cannot access the facility on time.
“We also need our clinics to be well furnished with maternity wards for mothers to be able to deliver well without any problems. Sometimes going to town is a challenge due financial constraints.
“Another thing is that we require the services of a dentist in our area because we struggle a lot with toothaches. We appeal for a mobile doctor who can visit frequently to offer dental services because we end up using harmful methods and tools like wires and sticks to remove rotten teeth,” added Moyo.
Ward 8 Councillor Siphiwe Moyo said access to service delivery is still hampered by a number of challenges as residents are failing to access clean water.
“As a community we are facing quiet a number of challenges. Access to clean water and health facilities remains a major challenge. We still have few boreholes in the area. We appeal to government through the Ministry of local government to come and install more boreholes so that we get clean water.
Then coming to our health facilities, the issue of distance is affecting villagers. At least we ask for each ward to have a well-established clinic so that travelling long distances can be minimized. As you can see here at Makepesi, we have a clinic but the next ward does not and people walk 5-10 km to this clinic,” Cllr Moyo said.
Gweru’s Assistant District Development Co-ordinator (DDC), Tarisai Mudadigwa said, as an office they had noted some of the challenges raised by the community.
“We have taken note of your concerns and we are going to reach out to the relevant authorities so that they will come and attend to the issues particularly water as it is the source of life.
“Also health is an important aspect and government should prioritize health always, so we are also going to forward your request to the relevant ministries so that we hear how best they can assist our community. We are going to work out on a feedback meeting and come back to you with the responsible authorities so that they can address the issues,” added Mudadigwa.

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