Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Welcome from the dead Mr President!

Totika tigashire, ndimi maivako ku nyikadzimu nhai Cde President. If what I read from the Sunday Mail is anything to go by, you confirmed with your own mouth that you were indeed dead. Although you said it jokingly, hatikanganwi kuti there is no smoke without fire, pamwe makambodonhawo imi kkkk. Chii chaizvo chakaitika?
Mapombi will not find joy in anyone’s death especially a president. I don’t wish any president dead even the president of a burial society kwedu kumusha kwaChirimudombo must live until Jesus Christ comes back. Hatidi vanofa zvekumhanya because even the Bible says we must pray for our enemies – eheka vagoona tavakupinda machena… and in this case some people from this regime must live longer so that they appreciate kuti sei vanhu vaipopota – they must live to see other people running this country.
Asi makamboonawo here how the death rumours spread? So fast! Isu mapenzi tine advantage, even where ‘pure’ Zanu PF members are having some caucus meetings, isu tinongosvika takabata ma banana akaora then totodya zvedu while they are discussing critical issues – taivanzwa vachifara last week, because they were thinking kuti mudhara vabaya, they did not know kuti mudhara vachauya kkkk.
 But Jah Prayzer so, he sang as if he knew there was going to be such an incident, mudhara vachauya and for sure he came back but a lot of people especially from Zanu PF vataiona vachidarika nekwedu kwaDr Grace uko were severely disappointed. Those guys havachadi mudhara but they try to pretend all the time so that they loot the few resources that are left. I will not be surprised kuti mudhara vakati bhi apa, they can even debate his hero status vamwe vanenge vavakutotsika madziro because that party is now full of pretenders who are just being called by the name Zanu PF merely for selfish political reasons.
I think Mr President needs to know a few things here. His government is full of very corrupt ministers. When he is busy defending them and attacking the Western countries for imposing sanctions on us, real thieves and corrupt individuals in the government will be laughing at him. They know that their master will always find excuses from the past imbalances, colonialism and sanctions – so Mugabe is very predictable in his defence and he has become very simplistic in his approach – he can defend even Mariyawanda Nzuwah for blowing up US$ 200 000 on airtime. Vakomana, hey haa iyo mariyawanda shuwa. How can one man blow all that money on airtime – horaiti kana achida US$ 200 000 on airtime what about money that he would spend on basic needs.
Ndaimboshaya kuti sei Mboko ichirambira muhotera, he knows how corrupt many Zanu PF guys have become. If one uses two hundred thousand dollars on airtime saka munoti anorara muhotera yemarii? Haa Mboko dzokera zvako pahotera, you guys are just evil.
I am surviving on rotten bananas here, civil servants are not getting paid in time, banks have no cash and you have failed to create employment but vamwe you decide to loot without shame. Chero zvenyu makaenda kuhondo, vakomana tinyareiwo. Mr President batai vanhu venyu avo, haa sometimes you need kuvadzora. If you fail to deal with these guys who have put the name of our beloved party in disrepute, then hapana kwatiri kuenda.
Heyi maputi achandihwisa mudumbu ini! I have to go and have lunch, I mean kutondokanga zvangu maputi angu. Dust mhani kuno kuchitima. Where is the council officer responsible for irrigating this road. Command Irrigation, kkkk zvetara totokanganwa and rely nekuti muchadiridza zvenyu road kusaita dust.
Makatotanga here preparations for December congress? Mapombi will be there!
Mukadarika nekwedu kwaChirimudombo tell them kuti Mapombi takamuona arikukanga wire patown. Mboko imboko!!mapombi

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