Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Well done MDC-T

But can someone tell me the truth because izvi zvekusweronyeperana hazvina kwazvinotisvitsa as a country. Those who really know me can confidently tell you that I am one of the ladies that always tell the truth; ndinonzi mafirakureva ini.
Mapombi has been suspecting and doubting the law qualification which our good President is said to have acquired from the University of Zambia or somewhere there.  It’s not because Mapombi is jealousy of our President having such qualifications but some of the decisions he make baffles Mapombi big time – they fall far short of the expected wisdom and intelligence of a real lawyer.
From what Mapombi heard from her grandfather, the Whites used to give certificates to Blacks who would have shown passion for a certain profession; for example kana munhu akaratidza idea yekugadzira mota aibva atopiwa kaCertificate keMechanics, vekubika vachipiwawo zvavo zvinoenderana navo. Mapombi suspects the same could have happened to our good president ndobva vangopiwawo ravo certificate probably because then he showed a lot of legal understanding and able to interpret the law. That’s what I think zvangu, and of course many people will dismiss me vachiti ndopenga but mind you vamwe vakaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfungwa. After all I am not mad but I am in this situation because of Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF – I never thought I would survive by rotten bananas and maputi nekuti kudzidza ndakatodzidzawo chose.
But a whole lawyer creating unconstitutional commissions and boards, and worse crowding them in his office, the office of the president kkkkkkkk haya.  Mapombi heard there is a new organisation which was created in the office of the president to fight corruption Kkkkkkkk seka zvako Mapombi of the unknown totem hehehedaa-aa huri-iii!
Fighting corruption in the office of the president or is it fighting corruption from the office of the president. Ko ZAAC yana Nguni yozoita basa rei nhai Mr President? Is this a confirmation that our ZAAC is indeed a toothless dog which is only used to fight factional battles?
The people of Zimbabwe were expecting that ZAAC would one day question Mpofu; at least questioning kwete kumusunga but Ooops guess what happened? Even the president was convinced that the not so obedient son should be given the Home Affairs ministry so that he could control the police instructing them who to arrest and who not to arrest. Kkkkkk new dispensation iyi inga zvakaoma.
Anyway, zveZanu handingazvigone izvi but I have a word for PC Rugeje; Mapombi is very sure the former military man has learnt from MDC-T how primary elections are conducted.  Or if Rugeje does not want to learn from MDC-T how primary elections are conducted, he should then at least swallow his pride and go to Savior Kasukuwere ambodzidzisiwa one or two things by his feisty predecessor.
Mapombi heard Kasukuwere is now back in the country to become a farmer. Kkkkkk really? I don’t think so, I think this is just the entry point so that akatadza kusungwa ozotanga hake kushiringinya.  Or the guy could have sold big time for him to be easily accommodated by the Lacoste faction. I heard videos of Dr Amai are being leaked since Tyson came back home. We shall see.
Mapombi, however, would like to salute MDC-T for at least holding peaceful primary elections this week. They corrected from their foiled attempt to impose candidates especially in Masvingo. Mapombi is also happy for her brother Godfrey Kurauone, Daniel Mberikunashe and Richard Musekiwa who retained their wards – congrats my councillors! If Mureyi and vana Chanyau kana vasingade kushanda nemi ndezvavo izvo. At least you showed them kuti munodiwa nevanhu.
It’s almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. By the way, I heard that Kasukuwere might lead NPF in the not so distant future. Kkkkk nhaka tichaonesa zvedu. Mapombi cannot wait to see uncle Bob vakarova regalia at a rally to campaign Zanu PF which he ruined for 37 years. Uncle Bob succeeded in destroying Zanu from within.
But on a more serious note; those who have extra jerseys may you please donate one or two to Mapombi because chando chinobuda nemu rwizi rwunonzi Mucheke umu hachisi kuita. I heard some guys talking hanzi gore rino mapenzi anofa nacho chando ichi and I got really worried as I started to think about my grandpas at Mucheke Old People’s Home and Pioneer Cottages as well as my young sisters and brothers at the Alpha Cottages. May we please spare a thought for them. Let us donate chero mabhachi emubhero iwayo veduwe.
Aah ko munoti akashata here mabhachi aya? Mapombi saw two guys from the black gate varipo vachikotama vachiedza those jackets – I am sure that is why they are usually referred to as guys in cheap suits and dark glasses kkkkkk pamabhero havabve. Kkkkk pamberi nebhero!
But before I go, those from Bulawayo is Cde Mphoko still there? Is he safe? Is it true that he is linked to NPF? Is he still donating chicks and incubators? Ko pension yavo yakazobuda here yavaichemera? Ko mwana wavo doctor uye akazopiwa here salary yake kkkkkkkkkk.
Mboko imboko!mapombi

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