Thursday, September 16, 2021

Zaka man tries to cook baby

Brighton Chiseva
ZAKA – An 18-year-old man from Chibuku village
under Chief Nhema took his three-weeks-old baby and tried to shove him into a
boiling three-legged pot but failed because the pot was full of pumpkins and
mealies, TellZim News has leant.
Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Chief
Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the heinous incident and said the accused
was in police custody helping with investigations.
“We received a report of a man who killed his
three-weeks-old daughter under bizarre circumstances. I can confirm the man is
in police custody and is helping us do our investigations,” said Mazula.
Sources said Leo Nzara was at home with his
16-year-old brother, his aunt (his mother’s elder sister) Fancisca Dikinya (64)
and his nursing wife when he allegedly committed the grisly crime at around
19:00hrs on March 25.
It all started when Dikinya received a text
message and asked Nzara to read it for her as she could not do it herself due
to failing eyesight.
Nzara, however, took the phone and threw it
into the fire and Dikinya quickly retrieved it and admonished him for it.
An angry Nzara then left the outside fireplace
and went into the kitchen hut where he repeatedly attacked his wife with a
blunt object.
Sensing grave danger, she managed to escape but
Nzara followed in hot pursuit, picked a brick which he threw at her but missed.
“He went back in the kitchen and picked up the
baby and smashed her head onto the ground. He then tried to shove the child
into a three-legged pot that was on the fireplace outside but failed because it
was full of pumpkins and mealies,” said a source.
“He then dropped the baby onto the ground where
she lay bleeding until Dikinya came back and tried to administer first aid. It
was, however, too late as the child had already died. It remains unknown what
angered Leo so much that he would do what he did,” the source said.
The old lady then called other villagers and
effected a citizen’s arrest against Leo before he was handed over to the police.

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