Thursday, June 1, 2023

Zanu PF disrupts worker’s day commemorations

Branton Matondo

MUTARE-Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) May Day (Worker’s Day) celebrations in Mutare were short lived as Zanu PF supporters allegedly took over the event pitted for Moffat Hall in Sakubva.
Members believed to be aligned to Esau Mupfumi (Zanu PF Mutare Central Constituency 2023 elections parliamentary candidate) arrived at the hall and took over the event accusing organisers of politicizing the celebrations.
The commemorations which had former City of Mutare Mayor and CCC big wig Brian James and former Member of Parliament (MP) Regai Tsunga in attendance came to a complete standstill as Zanu PF members reportedly rioted claiming ZCTU was using the day for political gain.
Quizzed on the sudden turn of events, ZCTU Eastern Region chairperson Johannes Kwangari said invitations were sent to workers regardless of political connotations.
“I can only say sometimes people from the other side (Zanu PF) might have put things out of proportion and I understand we had invited every worker to come and attend. We are aware that everyone who came is a worker but what has just happened here, l have no comment.
“We invited all political parties so they were free to come,” said Kwangwari.
A reliable source told this publication said that the rapid turn of events was based on the fact that aspiring Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Mutare Central Constituency MP Brian James and his entourage had taken a trip in Sakubva before the commencement of the event and that was not received well by the opposing camp.
“Prior the start of the event, l think early in the morning, Brian James and his entourage took a visit in Sakubva and then returned to the venue. I think this did not sit well with Esau Mupfumi’s camp because you could actually hear them stating that,” said the source.
However, Zanu PF Manicaland Provincial Chairperson Tawanda Mukodza refuted the allegations.
“We don’t know anything about the disruptions at Moffat Hall. What l am aware of is that workers marched to Moffat Hall and held the function without any interference from Zanu PF. In simple terms we deny all the allegations that Zanu PF interfered with the proceedings at Moffat Hall,” said Mukodza.
Political analysts have termed this event ‘the genesis’ as it showcased prime rivalry between two candidates from the mass party Zanu PF and opposition CCC.
Brian James is the aspiring candidate for Mutare Central Constituency following the resignation of Innocent Gonese who was at the helm for over two decades.
Esau Mupfumi is heading towards the polls as Zanu PF candidate after a standout victory in the recently held party primary elections.

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