Saturday, September 18, 2021

ZUVA celebrates BSI certification

Diana Gondongwe
Zuva Petroleum is celebrating being the first and only company in Zimbabwe’s energy sector to be awarded three
International Standards Organization certificates by the British Standards Institution (BSI).
Zuva Petroleum
received certificates for Quality Management System, Environmental Management System
and Occupational Health and Safety Management System all at once.
BSI is a business standards company that helps organisations all over
the world to make excellence a habit in their operations.
Speaking at the
ceremony, the then Minister of Energy and Power Development Joram Gumbo said he
was aware that attaining BSI certification was easy feat, adding that the
achievement proved that Zuva Petroleum was a company dedicated to excellence.
“I am aware that
the process of attaining BSI certification is not an easy one and that what we
are seeing today is a culmination of dedication, determination, devotion and
hard work that may have started a long time ago. I applaud the hard work and
commitment that Zuva Petroleum has put to attain this status. The attainment of
the three BSI certifications emphasises
Zuva’s commitment to providing excellent products and services to its customers,”
said Gumbo.
Zuva Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) Bethwell Gumbo said the recognition showed that Zuva
Petroleum was living up to international standards.
With this certification, we are not
only a Zimbabwean company by location but an international company by
standards. We are indeed a global player.
We are happy that we are the only company in Zimbabwe’s Energy sector to
score this treble, all at once, and the first Zimbabwean company to be
certified on the new ISO 45001:2018. This is a remarkable achievement. We are
the Barcelona, Manchester United & Bayern Munich of this industry,” said

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