Thursday, September 16, 2021

32 motorbikes for Bikita councilors



Brighton Chiseva

BIKITA – In a move widely viewed
as a positive stride towards effective service delivery and engagement between
policy makers and the electorate, Bikita Rural District Council (RDC) has taken
delivery of 32 motorbikes for their councilors

councilors in rural areas face mobility challenges which in turn reduces
interaction and engagement but the move by Bikita RDC, if not abused, will
bridge the gap.

The motorbikes
were purchased in December last year with the money from the local authority’s
Umkondo Safari income generating project.

would have to pay for the motorbikes in instalments for a period of up to 30

RDC Chief Executive Officer Peter Chibhi said the motorbikes will be used by
councilors to effectively carry out their duties in their wards.

was one of the major challenges among our councilors. They couldn’t travel
around their wards and assess areas in need of services.

even had challenges coming here at council meetings as some wards are away from
council offices,” said Chibhi.

Ward 3 councilor
Sarah Mandiki praised the local authority and fellow councilors on the
initiative saying it helps them reach all the corners of their.

“As a
woman it was difficult for me to travel on foot around the ward, but now I can
reach every corner.

of the people used to complain that I don’t attend to funerals and other events
in their areas but now it will be a thing of the past. They will see me
everywhere where I am needed, I will attend to emergencies on time,” said

said she was not afraid that people will accuse the local authority of misusing
the rate payers’ money as the motorbike will increase her visibility in the

Ward 2 councilor
and council chairperson Benjamin Masakadze said the development came to fulfil
President Mnangagwa’s development goal of starting development at grassroots

President has always been saying development should start at grassroots level
and with these motorbikes we will ensure that.

bikes will help us travel around attending to issues as well as giving
information in our wards,” said Masakadze

He said
they were going to pay for the bikes on monthly basis so people should not
worry that they are misusing funds.





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