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Angry Zanu PF members demonstrate over donation

Daniel Shumba

Upenyu Chaota

17 March 2017, MASVINGO – Disgruntled Zanu PF members last week stormed the district chairlady Naume Shangure’s house in Chesvingo in Mucheke, demanding their share of the US$1 000 reportedly given to her by Masvingo Urban legislator Daniel Shumba on behalf of all the other women.
Shangure is said to have blown the donation on her own although Shumba had wanted the money to benefit all district women through a project.
The protesters said Shangure had kept all the money for herself claiming she had the right to spent all the money on herself because she campaigned for Shumba to be MP.
They sang and danced in front of Shangure’s house, threatening to burn it down if they were not given their own share of the money.
The protesters also demanded to see Shumba who was, however, nowhere to be seen though his right hand man, Alderman Naison Tsere turned up to cool the tempers.
Sources said when Shangure was given the money, she told one of her closest allies of her decision to spend it on her own and offered her a small share but the ally rejected the offer and went on to spill the beans.
“How can Shumba give money to one person and expect that person to be honest with the rest of us? There is no accountability and transparency in the whole process,” said one protestor.
Another protester said the chairlady was protecting her selfish interests yet everybody was a committed party member.
“The $1 000 was for 100 women while another figure was for campaigners but the chairlady chose to ignore us when we demanded our share. We cannot have a small group projecting itself; she should give each member her money,” the protester said.
Both Shumba and Tsere’s phones were unavailable to draw a comment.topnews,local

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